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Beauty & Skincare : Hévéa

Couverture Beauty & Skincare : Hévéa

The Spanish brand Hevea specialise in effective, eco-friendly products. Click to discover the range of unique, high quality and natural skin care, specially adapted to pregnant women’s needs, here on émoi émoi.

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The Spanish brand Hévéa was formed by Christian Pamies and Valéria Sabini with the desire to create an alternative to traditional cosmetics. Their aim was to offer outstanding products that are respectful to nature, the couple looks to find historic know-how and to strive for fairer trade by creating fair trade partnerships. Hévéa grants particular importance to the selection of unique, natural and high-quality ingredients.




• Primarily made with active plant extracts

• No animal testing

• Free from harmful or polluting substances

• Transparent concerning the composition of the products

• Hand produced in small quantities in a well-regulated and sustainable fashion.

• Recycled or recyclable packaging

• By sorting all waste of the laboratory

• Use of recycled products for shipping and communication (paper, cardboard…)

• Laboratory certified ISO 14001 : 2004


Hévéa is FOR :  virgin plant oils, enfleurage, flower water, essential oils, unrefined plant butters… Hévéa is AGAINST: parabens, mineral oils, paraffin, silicones, phenoxyethanol, PEGs, sodium laureth sulfate, phthalates.




Hévéa is an ethical and ecological brand that offers care products made of unique and untreated ingredients. By using Hévéa products, you do not only protect your skin, you also respect the environment and strive for equality among people. The range of Hévéa cosmetics gives you authenticity, purity and natural ingredients!




émoi émoi chose Hévéa for the performance of its care products and its involvement in inclusive and sustainable development. Respect your body by respecting fellow human beings and mother nature, that is the message of the brand and we could not approve more!