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Mammae is an innovative maternity lingerie brand, offering the perfect nursing bra. Thanks to an ingenuous opening system with double cups, breast-feeding has never been more discreet and elegant.

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The Mammae bra is a new certified nursing system: Composed by a double cup (internal and external), it presents numerous advantages for discrete nursing. It has been designed by two mothers who have put more than 3 years of work into the development of lingerie that fulfills all the wishes of active mothers who nurse. 


Because it is difficult, if not impossible, to nurse in public without revealing one’s chest, two young mothers have designed Mammae, a bra that permits to nurse discretely. Elected by a Belgian television program, Martine and Eva Boonen participate in an entrepreneurial concourse and make it up to the finals. The success is unmistakable, Mammae has been adopted by the majority of obstetricians and tens of thousands of bras are sold in Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg in only a few months. In October 2010, it is the former Miss Belgium, Tanja Dexters, who praises the merits of Mammae; the video is watched more than 80 000 times within just days. Since August 2010, the Mammae is available on


The former Miss Belgium 1998, Tanja Dexters, tests the Mammae bra:


The Mammae bra is a new certified nursing system: composed out of a double cup (internal and external), it presents numerous advantages for discrete nursing.

Discretion: The internal cup permits minimal opening (for nursing in public) or a maximal opening for maximal skin-to-skin contact with the baby.

Retention: during nursing: thanks to the double cup system, Mammae is the only bra that sustains the chest while breastfeeding.

Practicality: Thanks to its unique opening system at the front (between the cups), the Mammae can be opened with just one hand and adapts to the changing volume of the chest. An integrated pocket in the external bonnet permits to store the breast pads.

Elegance: The well-shaped and preformed cups show off the chest and cleavage. A lace detail embellishes the shoulder straps and internal cup. The breast pads remain unnoticed thanks to the padded cups. 

« After only 2 months of using, the Mammae has become my favorite pregnancy bra, which I put on every time I leave the house, because it enables me to cover my chest during nursing, and also is beautiful! Stop with showing your lingerie while nursing, when you can do it elegant and a successfully, I have even received compliments…» Marie Flore, young mother.


In the morning, place the pregnancy compresses between the nipple and the « internal » cup. For nursing:

1. Open the external cup by picking the clip between the cups. Your chest is still covered by the internal cup and the pad.

2. Extract the nursing compress in order to free the nipple. While you are nursing, you can tuck away the pregnancy pad in the small dedicated pocket for this purpose on the external cup. It isn’t necessary any more to hold it or put it somewhere when you are out of house!

3. Choose how big you went the cup to open. Minimal opening for nursing in public (but always make sure it is big enough to release the nipple and areola)…

4. … Or maximal opening, for optimal skin-to-skin contact with your baby (advised by obstetricians so that  the baby can take the nipple in its mouth).

We do not advise to wear the Mammae during the night, it would be better to then wear a bra without underwire.


In order to be sure you make the right decision, Mammae advises to buy the pregnancy bra one week before you are due. In fact, the variation of the size of the chest during nursing varies per woman (often one cup size bigger).  The first 5 days, the chest is swollen and bigger because of the pregnancy. That is why it would be better to wait until giving birth with measuring. Please keep on your bra while measuring.

If you still prefer to buy a pregnancy bra beforehand, please buy it from your 7th month of pregnancy and take one extra cup size. In order to know if you picked the right size while trying it on at home: The bra strap shouldn’t leave marks on the skin (if so it is too small). You should be able to easily fit two fingers under the strap. If the elastic strap turns out to be more than your two fingers (in a curved line rather than horizontal), it is too big.

Cups: verify if you breasts easily fit the cups. There shouldn’t be any bumps on the edges. The internal bra should not tighten the skin. To try it on, correctly place the pregnancy pad and verify if you can still put a finger under the internal bra. There should be enough space because the breasts will become bigger when they get filled with milk.

If your bra doesn’t have the right size, contact us on (00) 33 – (0) 9 81 84 71 70, exchanges are free in France (mainland and Corsica)

The new sexy and practical bra for discrete nursing, by Martine and Eva Boonen

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