Pregnancy is a time for yourself. It's special, full of joy. For nine months, you can take the time to be in tune with your own body and your own desires.

Feeling good and feeling beautiful is good for your baby’s growth which is why we created the first online store dedicated to pregnant woman and young mothers' health and beauty. As for fashion, we only want to give you the best: our pregnancy skin care is based on 100% natural ingredients or from organic agriculture. Our products can be used throughout pregnancy and even after delivery.

Pregnant for 9 months, beautiful forever!

It can be difficult having your body go through so many changes, it can all feel very unknown. To help you along this journey we have created this guide. It is full of specific advice that will meet your every need during your pregnancy: breathing, body hydration, bust care, stretch marks removal...

We asked Christel (the young mother of a little girl and a passionate beauty blogger) to share her experience and beauty tips with you. I hope her words will help you and that you'll enjoy it as much as we do.

This guide is not a strict regime or set of rules that you have to follow. Don't try to do everything at once! Make sure you're in tune with your body and that you progress at your own pace according to your own needs.

Finally, we need you your help to grow, progress and enrich our advice and product choice. Call us! Write to us!

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Enjoy your reading!

Adèle and Nathalie