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Beauty & Care : Beautanicae

Couverture Beauty & Care : Beautanicae

Created by mums, for mums, Beautanicae has been inspired by French herbalist tradition with a range of safe, organic and environmentally-friendly skincare products.

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Valérie Blard-Morrissey created Beautanicae in 2010, after realising that whilst pregnant she could not find products that suited her needs. She joined forces with a pharmaceutical doctor and after two years of research, they created a range of products completely adapted to pregnancy. Inspired by her childhood, she decided to formulate skincare based on French herbalist tradition. Using plants to feel good and beautiful in complete safety, that is the essence of Beautanicae products.


  • No essential oils
  • No ethyl alcohol
  • Paraben-free
  • No carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic ingredients
  • Limited number of ingredients
  • Formulations with medicinal plants
  • 80% of the ingredients from organic farming
  • No animal testing


Beautanicae products are designed and manufactured in France; the tubes are 100% recyclable and respect the environment. They favor local production and reduce the ecological footprint. Care is certified by Ecocert and labeled Cosmebio.


émoi émoi appreciates the reintroduction of herbal medicinal products during pregnancy. Beautanicae attaches a great importance to the development of the pregnant woman and to the efficiency of the care. We love the pleasant textures of the products and their light fragrance!

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