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Beauty & Care : Bloom and Blossom

Couverture Beauty & Care : Bloom and Blossom

The high quality and natural skin care products from Bloom and Blossom are designed to cater to the needs of new mums and mums-to-be. The philosophy of the brand, "minimal ingredients for maximum results," ensures their products provide noticable results with an optimum amount of ingredients.

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Created by Julia Yule and Christina Moos, the English brand Bloom and Blossom proposes natural, high quality care products, especially developed for pregnant women, young mothers and babies. The philosophy of this brand and the foundation of its success, consists of using the minimum amount of ingredients for the maximum result. Every product contains the optimal amount of ingredients necessary for efficiency. With a ratio of 5 to 10 % of active ingredients, the Bloom and Blossom care products form part of the most effective cosmetics available on the market today and can be used by all women, pregnant or not.




• No artificial colouring, or synthetic fragrances

• No aggressive detergents or corrosive ingredients

• No sodium laureth, or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)

• No xenoestrogen, or phthalate

• No petrochemical product


The Bloom and Blossom cosmetics are made in the UK, with respect for the environment. The packaging is recyclable and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, which assures responsible consumption of forest products.




The Bloom and Blossom cosmetics stand out due to their high quality ingredients and the elegant packaging, which shows the number of different ingredients used for every product. The philosophy of a minimum amount of ingredients = maximum results, has enabled Bloom and Blossom to win the award of “ best new brand – prestige”, of the CEW awards 2012.




The émoi émoi team truly fell in love with the English brand Bloom and Blossom and its ultra-chic packaging. After testing the products, the motto « a minimum amount of ingredients for the maximum result» has completely won us over. Efficient and natural, the range of Bloom and Blossom care products is focused on the needs of future and young mothers.



« Bloom et Blossom has come to the rescue with its chic and high-performance products that still own a privileged spot in my bathroom. I advise all mothers to use this divine range! »

Claudia Mahoney, editor in chief of Beauty – GLAMOUR UK

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