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Beauty & Care : Skinhaptics

Couverture Beauty & Care : Skinhaptics

Discover the world of Skinhaptics! The French brand Skinhaptics offers a range of 100% natural and hypoallergenic body oils, which have been specially developed to cater for the delicate skin of babies and pregnant women.

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Created by Sandrine Dahan, Skinhaptics is a new French brand for 100% natural body oils. Holder of DEA in Biochemics of the « Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris » and a Master in Marketing of the « ESSEC », Sandrine Dahan has developed luxury cosmetics for numerous international enterprises. She also has become an expert in product development, from the formulation to the industrial production as the marketing and scientific communication. After 10 years of experience and know-how, this young woman and mother of 3, she decided to launch her own cosmetics brand : SKIN for the skin, HAPTICS for the science of touch.




• Paraben-free

• No phthalates

• No phenoxyethanol

• Gluten-free

• No mineral oils

• No silicones

• No synthetical fragrances

• No animal testing


The Skinhaptics cosmetics are made in France. The bottles are guaranteed without Bisphenol A.




Especially developed for the fragile skin of babies and future mothers, the cosmetics are hypoallergenic and food-safe. The ingredients used by Skinhaptics are 100% of natural origin, between 99.96% and 99.98 % of plant origin and between 27.2% and 77.5 % biological. « I could have asked for a biological label but I wish to develop beautiful products without having the constraints of a label.» explains Sandrine Dahan. The packaging and the package insert present icons that show you how to give your baby a gestural massage.




After meeting Sandrine Dahan and testing the Skinhaptics oils, we were seduced by this totally « made in France » brand. It was love at first sight for the émoi émoi team thanks to the subtle scentand cocooning of the cosmetics !



« An excellent product: the perfume, texture and super practical bottle. This is the first time I find illustrations on how to massage on the packaging and the notice. Excellente idea ! ». Hélène, mother of 2-year old Ava.

« For the first time, I have found dry oil that suits me. Its non-fatty texture enables me to hydrate my skin and put on my clothes immediately afterwards». Caroline, 23 years old.

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