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Couverture Amoralia

Amoralia offers a line of maternity lingerie and nightwear, for both pregnancy and nursing. The designs are feminine, the fabrics are soft and easy to wear, and the shades are fashionable. Let yourself be tempted by amazingly comfortable bras, with no seam or underwiring!

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In 2004, whilst working as a planner at one of London’s top ad agencies and working on a brief for a lingerie client, Jules Canterbury spotted a gap in the market for pretty maternity bras. Encouraged by her pregnant sister, colleagues and friends, the idea took hold and Amoralia was born in February 2005.


“At the time, I hadn’t had kids myself, so it may seem surprising that I set up a company dedicated to making the most beautiful maternity underwear on the market. But I did know – like you – that the right underwear could instantly change my perception of myself and help me feel more feminine and sassy. Why would pregnant women not feel the same?”

“We have always aimed to make the most stylish, the most comfortable, and the best quality maternity lingerie, swimwear and nightwear on the market – we want pregnant and nursing women to feel, and look, beautiful!”


Amoralia products are for all fashionable women, who wish to keep their femininity during pregnancy. The Amoralia woman feels beautiful, glamour and sensual!


“After researching, testing and tweaking, speaking to experienced midwives and dozens of pregnant and breastfeeding women I think we’re definitely getting there, as our customer feedback testifies.”

We have thought of pregnant women’s well-being, whose skin is more sensitive and fragile: Amoralia favours using natural fabrics such as organic cotton, a lot less irritating than synthetic fabrics.



Émoi émoi has been seduced by the Second Skin collection: Second Skin microfiber bras are perfectly adjusted and without armatures. Therefore, the flow of milk is not blocked and breast-feeding is easier. The maternity bras have six hooks adjustable hooks in the back, which allows them to be worn both during pregnancy and nursing.


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