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Boob Design

Couverture Boob Design

Boob design offers a large range of products especially designed for breast-feeding. Nursing tops and nursing bras have a patented opening system which makes access to the breast easier. Products are made using high-quality, environmentally materials.



Previous artistic director Mia Seipel created BOOB in 1999 before having children of her own, with the idea in mind to offer maternity garments that are equally practical and precious. She says: “Seeing my sister pregnant in a park in Stockholm, her belly exposed to the glacial northern wind, I decided that every woman had to be able to be comfortably pregnant without compromising to her own style.  The solution was Boob Nursing, a Swedish brevetted innovation.” Boob has become a reference in Sweden and Europe.



“Boob is standing by your side in order to help you stand experience your pregnancy in a comfortable way, permitting you to look at your best with the first shapes of the baby in your belly. The elements that together make the brand Boob are of an original simplistic design, an excellent quality, an optimal functionality and flawless.



“A woman who wants to feel beautiful and at ease, in garments of great quality one can love, wash en wear without changing allure. She is committed to her posterity and appreciates per consequence that they are made in such a way that preserves the environment.”


Access to the empire waist (an opening under the chest): a unique and registered system that enables to breastfeed discretely). “Our ambition is to offer a beautiful, practical collection, made with a lot of attention for every detail.

“We strive to reduce at least our impact on the environment, through our choice of materials and our commitment to always produce in Europe.Boob design is an ethical company; that applies its principles in all the steps of its production process: 86% of the materials used by Boob design are biological ( the 14%  remaining consist out of viscose, modal and polar), the transporter has an environmental certificate and a very low carbon balance, the packaging is made out of recycled paper… Even our office furniture and the food consumed at Boob! All products are OEKO-Tex standard 100 certified. This label guaranties the security of clothes that are worn on the skin itself.


“We believe that the émoi émoi idea corresponds perfectly with the label Boob. We also think that the website is an amazing brand for our clients to discover.” émoi émoi
Flexible quality garments
Boob Design offers maternity wear and breastfeeding clothes with innovating designs that have been especially designed to wear during pregnancy or as a young mom. The outfits are functional, stylish and of high quality.
A secure fastening system
At émoi émoi we love the ingenious system by Boob that enables you to breastfeed discretely and in style.
Based in Sweden, Boob develops garments for breast feeding by an ingenious opening system as well as maternity wear by Mia Seipel.

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