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Here, mums are « cool » and dads are « poule », sometimes the opposite or both. In their families there is noise, parties and joie de vivre, which we wished to celebrate. Our products have been designed in Paris and manufactured in Portugal. And more importantly, they are made with love.

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Marie est la maman cool de Paul

Adèle Bounine and Nathalie Fargeon, the founders of émoi émoi, created the company when they were both 24 years old, just after finishing their studies. They had one dream: to revolutionise the face of maternity fashion by carefully selecting the most beautiful clothing.

“Our mission is to provide a choice for our customers thanks to a specific selection of clothing that fits three important criteria: comfort, quality and style. It is our priority to provide each woman with a style that suits them during and after their pregnancy. We wish to offer them the best choice and advice from different style suggestions, sizing advice and photos, so as to best respond to their needs.”

They don’t have children yet but are inspired by mums around them, and importantly, by their own families. The success comes from meeting our customers, women in the media and the active community of fans and bloggers.

Eve et Camille nos jolies mamans poule et cool.

In January 2014, the founders decided to launch their brand name based on the concept: ‘Maman Poule or Maman Cool?

“We’ve been dreaming about it for years: designing something that is completely our own, something feminine, easy to wear and that embodies the whole spirit of émoi émoi. We wanted a strong message, which has a funny but cute ring about it: ‘Maman Poule’ and ‘Maman Cool’. We weren’t sure about ‘Maman Poule’ to begin with. People said it was too serious, that messages written in English were trendier. Sugar Mommy? Rock ‘n’ Roll Mommy? We’ve seen those already. Instead we wanted ‘Maman’, the gentlest and most reassuring word in the French language. And plus it rhymes, Cool and Poule.”

“émoi émoi stands out because of the high quality of its service and its products, designed locally in Paris and made in Europe. Working with specialist brand names like the German creative, Paula Janz, to produce our sweatshirts has allowed us to design our dream cut, that suits every mum. From the advice given, the high quality material and the professional technique we can offer you a fashionable style that suits you.”

Above all émoi émoi wishes to give a high-quality service to its customers: orders are prepared with a lot of care and products are dispatched in less than 24 hours in order to satisfy every customer. You too can join the émoi émoi community on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube to follow the latest news from this online concept store or to share your own advice with other young mums and mums-to-be. There are some very beautiful surprises that await you online from March 2014.

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