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Ingrid and Isabel

Couverture Ingrid and Isabel

Ingrid&Isabel offers a collection of everyday maternity essentials, perfectly designed for pregnant women, thanks to their ultra-soft fabrics. Discover the Bellaband, a maternity belly band that allows you to wear your previous wardrobe longer.


In 2001, during her pregnancy, Ingrid Carney went through an experience that inspired the Bellaband’s creation.
“One morning, I was getting dressed to go to work, but my belly had suddenly grown and I couldn’t do up my pants”.
Ingrid then made a band which covered the unbuttoned waist of her jeans, without being unfashionable. She wore it every day and realised that she could share her creater with other pregnant women. One year later, she launched Ingrid&Isabel and had her first client in 2003.



Items by Ingrid&Isabel are designed to be practical yet fashionable. The brand always looks for the most beautiful fabrics and has a meticulous savoir-faire to satisfy pregnant women’s needs, wardrobes and changing body.
“Thanks to a functional band which has permanently changed the way pregnant women get dressed, we are a brand that encourages every woman to accept herself.”



A modern woman, who wants to combine style and comfort, thanks to high-quality basics. She doesn’t want to sacrifice her wardrobe and favors comfortable fabrics.



The collections of Ingrid&Isabel are made of essential basics. Even if they follow the trends, the products are timeless and thanks to their very solid fabric, they can be worn years after pregnancy. Basics are designed to enhance pregnant women’s new curves; with those, women take less time to dress up.



We have been seduced by the ingenuity and the convenience of the Bellaband, made with attention and savoir-faire: thanks to its stretchy fabric, pregnant women can wear unbuttoned pants when the belly grows. This seamless maternity belly band, made of elastane, can be worn during and after pregnancy. The whole collection has been designed to maximize future mothers’ well-being: all tops have a perfect length to cover the belly during all stages of pregnancy and can be worn under any piece of the former wardrobe.


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