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Couverture Mamalicious

Mamalicious is a favorite brand among mums-to-be, offering stylish and casual maternity wear. Discover émoi émoi's selection, from pretty pregnancy t shirts to stylish jeans!


The Mamalicious brand  works to create clothes for modern and active mums-to-be. They offer a large range of casual-chic products adapted to maternity. Mamalicious is a brand that makes sure to provide ultra-comfortable products that have been made with high quality material at a reasonable price.


“Our aim is to combine the recent trends with the needs of mums-to-be. In order to do that we use stretchy and comfortable material that will adapt to your curves before and after pregnancy. We listen to the needs and desires of our customers and offer them clothes that have a perfect cut in order to enhance pregnancy curves.”


The Mamalicious woman reminds us of a Parisienne with her ‘efforlessly chic’ style. She wears clothes that are comfortable and adapted to different occasions and activities whilst maintaining a certain charm about them.


Mamalicious is very attached to the design of its products. The difference lies in the fact that its clothes are very changeable, you could easily switch from a sportswear style to a more chic outfit because of a few different accessories. The brand listens to its customers and proposes clothing that is stylish without being too expensive. Working to please its custmers as much as possible during this marvelous and unique time of their lives is their priority.


Mamalicious has seduced us with its fashionable, high-quality products. They offer an alternative to the more classic maternity clothes. The wide range of clothing and designs fit to all of your different looks and styles, whether it be chic or sportswear.

émoi émoi couldn’t resist the sportswear-chic mix of the spring-summer Mamalicious collection. The simple ranges, thes summer prints, the floating material and the comfort of all Mamalicious clothing are as a result of a lot of thought and reflection so as to better correspond to the demands of expecting mums. Perfectly adjusted, the Mamalicious clothing will accompany you throughout your pregnancy but will also be practical for hiding any post-pregnancy imperfections. This style is for you “the chic and active Parisienne”!

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