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Couverture Noppies

Noppies offers a wide selection of trendy maternity clothes and accessories, from maternity pajamas to underwear. Products are very comfortable and made of high quality stretchy fabric: perfect for adapting to your growing belly!


Noppies is a Dutch label which specializes in maternity wear. Noppies aim to offer garments that adapt to the physical changes of pregnancy, without losing any comfort. Noppies collections offer maternity jeans, T-shirts, tunics and dresses that look as trendy and attractive as classic clothes. They also offer a range of pregnancy belly bands. The same clothes can be worn from the beginning until the end of the pregnancy; Noppies products soon become every pregnant woman’s ‘best friend’.


Offering “fashionable” clothes while putting comfort first, knowing how to adapt to the figures of mums-to-be over the months. “Sexy, feminine and comfortable”, are the three words that best describe the Noppies lines.


The Noppies woman is a woman who wants to express her own style and stay in the forefront of fashion even while being pregnant.


A contemporary collection of maternity wear that illustrates the current trends. The fashionable woman can preserve her style thanks to a series of young and sporty dresses, and continue to wear the clothes she likes. The creations adapt themselves to the shapes of the future mother and to the changes of the body throughout the pregnancy: maternity PJs, jeans, tops, tunics, dresses…  They offer stylish but comfortable garments that can be worn up until the end of your pregnancy thanks to the stretchy fabrics used!


Noppies clothing allows mums-to-be to stay at the forefront of fashion, by offering stylish maternity ensembles. Discover its slim-, straight- and boyfriend jeans and modern and colourful maternity wear collection.

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