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Pietro Brunelli

Couverture Pietro Brunelli

Pietro Brunelli is the expert in elegant maternity dressing. Jeans are the brand’s signature product, with many different versions included in the colllection. Each garment features flawless fits and high-quality materials.

The Italian made pregnancy tights and maternity jeans with an impeccable cut, quality and design.   Pietro Brunelli is a passionate man, fascinated by the sensuality of the pregnant woman. His eponymous label (PIETRO BRUNELLI) gets its inspiration from the latest female fashion trends and from the frequent encounters with mums-to-be. He has an eye for the smallest details. He made the Pietro Brunelli jeans, a unique piece of clothing that expecting women cannot live without.



« The basic idea of the creation of the label Pietro Brunelli was to make maternity fashion attractive again, and to respond to the increasing demand of women who refused to sacrifice their looks during pregnancy.  Pietro Brunelli dresses a chic mother, a woman conscious of her appearance before, during and after her pregnancy.   Since its creation, the label has contributed a real extra to the traditional maternity market. The idea is certainly to dress pregnant women elegantly, but taking before anything the woman herself into account. Being the only maternity label to have a runway show during the Fashion Week in Milan, the Pietro Brunelli label has clearly positioned itself among the high end designers. And the results are clear: celebrity or anonymous, our clients give us confidence and follow us all around the world. »



« Raising the bar in the most elegant way there is is a consequent challenge: valuing the mother, celebrating her style and body, as well as the beauty of being pregnant. »


“The Pietro Brunelli woman is a woman who is confident, beautiful and modern. She isn’t just looking for quality and comfort in her garments, but also a “fashionable” look. The Pietro Brunelli woman is simply unforgettable.”


« Associating design with style and adapting comfort. It isn’t just about proposing beautiful clothes for the pregnant woman. Every design is created in our artistic studio in Milan. This results in long styling research. Special attention is dedicated to the luxurious and stretching fabrics, as well as the cut and fitting which have to be impeccable. We choose natural and intelligent fabrics, sublime silk. We also pay tribute to the Italian artist. Our embroideries, for example, are all handmade. All our products carry the « Made in Italy » label.   ÉMOI ÉMOI « Émoi émoi is a particularly ambitious project of which we hope will contribute to modernize the French maternity market. Offering our Italian know-how as well as the high quality of our product on a trendy, « fashionable » website therefore seemed obvious. »


Émoi émoi loves Pietro Brunelli for proposing garments that really dress up pregnant women. Because a pregnant woman is above all a woman who wants to preserve her femininity and power of seduction during her 9 months of pregnancy, Pietro Brunelli designs garments with fabrics and cuts that are especially made to give the pregnant woman her value, and permit her to continue to use her charm.   That’s why we just couldn’t resist the Pietro Brunelli brand, especially the jeans. « Never without my jeans! » The jean is THE must-have basic in any women’s wardrobe. For the weekend, at the office, or in the evening when enjoying drinks with friends, jeans go with every outfit, whatever occasions.   Pregnant, you still want to be able to wear your favourite pair of jeans, whether they’re boot cut like Roke 501, straight like Stone 522 or slim like the Super Skinny. Pietro Brunelli offers a range of maternity jeans that enable you to stay glamorous; looking and feeling good in your jeans and in your own skin. The rest is up to you! The maternity tights and jeans with a perfect cut, high-quality quality, designed and made in Italy by the designer Pietro Brunelli

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