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Couverture Pomkin

With Pomkin, discover a colouful, feminine and elegant world of cute maternity clothes. Products made with soft materials and ingenuous shapes are made to adapt to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Dresses are the collection's signature product, with designs for all occasions.

Here at émoi émoi discover THE maternity and nursing label, Pomkin! Pomkin was created by Armelle and Capucine, two young Parisian mothers who wanted to share their creative ideas and knowledge of nursing and maternity.


“We had the idea when I was pregnant with my first (I now have three children). I worked as a consultant and couldn’t find any classic styles that are suitable for the office or going out. The market was too basic and informal, in dull colours, or simply too girly for my job. Several friends complained about the same thing and I had the idea of creating my own label. Pomkin plays on the English expression “my little Pumpkin”, which means “my treasure, my honey” to refer to a loved one or baby. We just changed the spelling to round it off…”


“Glamorous, playful, ultra feminine, chic, colourful, Parisian”



“The Pomkin woman is active, blossoms, knows how to party, is feminine, joyful etc etc!”


“We are different because of our use of colorful chic designs and “small volume” styles that highlight your curves. The majority of our tops and dresses are also adapted to nursing.”    


“This website is a perfect opportunity to put our designs into the spotlight!”


The use of striking colors, glamorous fashionable clothes that can be worn during and after pregnancy

The cuts that are especially designed for mums-to-be, for their beauty and body. A Pomkin maternity dress makes a point of emphasizing your new curves due to its carefully designed, structured cuts, made of fabrics that breath, like the Camille nursing and pregnancy dress, with its graphic prints and very trendy chic and retro style.

The stunning stand-out pieces, from evening gowns and cocktail dresses to marriage dresses, their pieces are created to show off the pregnant woman, which are difficult to find when pregnant. The masterpiece of this season: the Angela maternity gown for both pregnant women and young mums. Royal blue, you can wear it with a naked back or with bustier, this dress is your must-have for special occasions.

– The option of staying beautiful, feminine, chic and most importantly, fashionable, during and after pregnancy.

– The beautiful, high-quality materials help to show off your curves and help to shape your figure. Pomkin maternity wear is made out of beautiful and soft fabrics, easy to maintain and an irreproachable quality of color. For every day, wear these very feminine Amélie shorts. In linen, they combine comfort with lightness. An original shape, made to adapt to all styles, in order to be fashionable without making a “fashion faux pas”.

Evening gowns and cocktail dresses made of chiffon and silk, under which the Charleston dress and its “crazy years” style. By Armelle and Capucine

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