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Couverture Poup'ké

Poup’ké jewellery is the perfect gift for mums-to-be, designed to soothe the baby during pregnancy. Products are handmade in France, with silver and fine stones.

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Maternity necklaces and nursing rings, designed and handmade, to wear before, during, after pregnancy! Ysabelle Podguszer created POUP’KE (which means “small doll” in Yiddish) with the wish to create a delicate and glamorous world of jewellery. With the desire to “make future mothers shine”, she decided to dedicate a collection of jewellery to them: necklaces that jingle so as to ease babies, rings and bracelets as a mnemonic for nursing.


« The birth of my children gave me the opportunity to free the way to my all-time passion: jewellery. My children gave a new dimension to my inspiration, and the maternity jewellery imposed itself to me, like a continuity of what I was going through, with a message to pass: the aspirations of life have the characteristics of children. »


« The Poup’ké universe: an original concept of multi-functional necklaces that evoke tenderness, where every element is equally important, carefully chosen, subtly associated with the other jewels and with a great delicacy of balance. I also offer, on demand, medallions with children’s pictures, expressing the subtle alliances of the elements, shapes and colours, the intimate message of each and every one of them.   I have also created different pieces filled with mischief for the happiness of children, and for the pleasure off all those who are looking for an original present. The nursing jewellery is part of this dynamic. All pieces are produced in my workshop in France, being part of a tradition of quality production. »    


« The research for esthetical and original creation of Poup’ké offer a woman refinement and dynamics, a way to confirm her motherhood with elegance and character. »



« Poup’ké innovates by creating jewellery which is useful, but also playful and poetic, in tune with time. »


« I have been seduced by the concept, by their selection of designers, as well as the emphasis laid on all of them. »


Émoi émoi has a soft spot for the Poup’Ké nursing and maternity jewellery and for its designer. We love the Bola concept (This small jewel accompanies the movements of the future mother by a nice tingling) attached to the small charms. The nursing jewellery is sort of a mnemonic to facilitate the lives of nursing mothers, these small and touching messages… A cosy, tender and playful universe, sprinkled with several notes of humour!   Maternity necklaces and nursing rings, designed and handmade, to wear before, during, after! By Ysabelle Podguszer.