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Couverture Storksak

Storksak bags, combining beauty and ingenuity, are perfect for carrying everything new mums may need. The bags feature multifunctional pockets, high-quality fabrics and, thanks to their sophisticated design, can later be worn as handbags.

Two committed mothers, Melanie Marshall & Suzi Bergman, for whom their children are their best friends, founded the labels STORKSAK and BABYMEL in 2005, two ranges of diaper bags designed in order to satisfy all mothers.


« From the beginning, Storksak immediately was present in the big English luxury warehouse Selfridges in London. The basic idea was: a diaper bag that responded to the codes of fashion. It had to be super « fashionable », practical and had to possess of all functions expected from a diaper bag. »  


« Styled, functional and super qualitative. This is the recipe of a great success, evidenced by numerous celebrities who have faith in us. Under whom: Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jessica Alba… The principal reason is that our diaper bags aren’t designed like traditional diaper bags. They are « fashionable », practical and of impeccable quality. »


« The Storksak woman has style and is assured of herself. She is looking for a fashion accessory and a diaper bag in one»


« The attention to detail. Every function has been designed to respond best to the expectations of parents. They use a beautiful bag and at the same time a perfect diaper bag. Numerous clients therefore also use their Storksak other than a diaper bag. It becomes an actual every day bag. »


« We believe in the émoi émoi concept. An online store dedicated to the pregnant and nursing woman: what a challenge! We are happy to be part of this adventure from the start, as the first diaper bag label. »



The thing that completes an outfit, adding something small that makes a big difference, is the detail. The detail comes from the accessories, and more importantly, from the handbag. The bag is essetial for a woman; it suits her outfit, her shoes, her jewellery, her mood. She carries around everything she needs, she locks little secrets in it. The saying is that you can find everything in a lady’s handbag!   It’s because of this that émoi émoi couldn’t resist Storksak, and because even after your baby is born, you can still be elegant, matching outfits with a hand bag which doesn’t look like a diaper bag.

Our two designers, Melani and Suzi, literally thought of everything: a baby compartment, of course, but also a place for the business women amongst us.

We love:   The functionality of the bags: well divided, the Storksak bags are designed with numerous storage pockets, a changing mattress and a small bag where isotherm pockets allow you to keep all liquids at an ideal temperature.   The design of every bag: The « Boston » style of the Elisabeth and Sophia bags, the « wallet » shape of the Emily bag and the « satchel bag» of the Aubrey diaper bag. The extras: there is always a pocket especially for your mobile phone and the straps are detachable and/or adjustable. If Angelina Joli and Jessica Alba use them, why not you too?

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