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The maternity trousers that we have selected on the émoi émoi website are made to accompany pregnant women throughout their whole pregnancy, from when your shapes start to change until after the birth of the baby and the begining of weight loss.

There are several evolutionary systems which allow your trousers and maternity jeans to adjust themselves without getting stretched out. This page contains the different systems as well as trouser cuts to help you reach your decision.


Jersey belt


The evolutionary system ; Its a large elastic piece of fabric which is placed on top of the belly button to gently hold the stomach of the mother-to-be but without pressuring it. It holds the trousers in place and is easy to put on. Super-comfortable, it adapts itself to the growth of the belly until the end of your pregnancy. The high jersey belt is ideal to keep the belly nice and warm. Easily shapeable due to its soft elastic stitch, it can be worn on the stomach or the hips.


The Jersey : Whether it’s in cotton, lycra or viscose, the jersey has a very soft and extensible stitch which offers optimal comfort.


The extra : Commonly, pregnant women develop a certain sensitivity on the belly, this integrated jersey belt therefore alleviates itching due do certain material, such as linen or belt.


The belt under the belly :


The evolutionary system : It’s a narrow piece of fabric that is placed under the belly of the mother to be which allows it to grow in piece throughout the pregnancy. Low waist, the elastic strap is large enough to support your beautiful pregnant curves. This discrete system allows you to wear tight tops or to tuck them in the trousers. It’s the evolutionary system of the famous Italian jeans brand Pietro Brunelli.

The extra : It doesn’t keep you as warm as the jersey belt, its low waist system is ideal in the summer. You will also be able to wear these jeans after your pregnancy!


Button setting :


The evolutionary system :

Certain models combine a low or high strap with an adjustable belt using either elastic material or buttons at the waist. The trousers adapt themselves to each step of the pregnancy so that the waist of the woman can grow throughout the 9 months, thanks to the elastic which can be adjusted through buttons on the sides.

The extra: this adjustable system is ideal for trousers that do not have a very elastic nature.





Skinny / slim 

What ? Ultra-trendy, skinny jeans and trousers shape your legs and converge your curves. The fitted cut shows off your body.  

Why ? The extra fitted shape sublimes the silhouette.  

To combine with ? As maternity jeans and trousers have a fitted cut, they can be combined with a loose t-shirt or maternity blouse and high heels or ballerinas. For those who have curves or wish to cover up their body, wear slim jeans and trousers with a long tunic belted under the belly.

Straight cut 

Why ? The straight trouser is THE essential piece for your maternity wardrobe. Its straight cut looks good both fitted, loose, and with a high or low waist.. Which one do you like best?  

For whom ? The straight trouser is a must-have that suits everybody. Whether you are skinny or have curves, are big or small, this style adapts to all morphologies. If you are a woman with curves, prefer one with a low waist; this will refine your silhouette.  

To combine with ? For a working mum effect, combine these trousers with a silk shirt, a blazer and low boots. For a more casual look, opt for a sailor shirt and derbies.  

Flared / boot leg 

What ? Ideal to combine style and comfort, boot cut jeans and trousers have a slightly flared cut from the knee downwards (perfect to slip a pair of boots under).

For whom ? This style suits all morphologies, if you are a women with curves prefer one with a broad flare; this will lengthen your silhouette. For the taller ones among us, boot cut jeans and trousers show off the length of your legs!

To combine with ? Combine boot cut maternity jeans with a pretty maternity tunic. If you are slim, wear a fitted one. For the finishing touch combine these jeans with a pair of wedges.



What ? The sportswear trouser is made in jersey and very comfortable to wear. Because of the soft and elastic fabric you will want to wear these trousers every day! Sportswear trousers exist in all shapes and sizes: slim, straight, boot cut, and also maternity harem trousers!

For whom ? For all pregnant women! Ideal to wear at home, as casual wear, to do sports in, to go to yoga class with or to wear to the office if the colour is suitable (black or navy blue). Sports trousers will be your best buddy throughout all 9 months of pregnancy.

To combine with ? For a comfy look wear sportswear trousers with a fitted maternity top and a pair of All-Stars or ballerinas. For a more structured and trendy look, opt for the Pedro harem trouser of the French brand En Sainte, and combine it with jewellery and high heels!