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Family jewels are the ring that shines so brightly on our mother’s finger, those novelty earrings, heavy and colourful that she treasures in her jewellery box in memory of her first salary, our father’s ring that he can no longer take off, Grandma’s pearls, Auntie’s old brooch…

Each family jewel tells a story.

Our Initial jewellery line debuted 3 years ago, when Nathalie’s son Joseph was born.

We asked her what gift she would like on her first Mother’s Day. Her answer was obvious: she wanted to wear her Joseph’s J. The first piece of jewellery by émoi émoi embodied this precious initial. Thus we started to design our dream piece of jewellery.

Its shape? The diamond: the symbol par excellence of femininity and motherhood.

Its style? Minimalist. Because there is nothing like simplicity to highlight what is essential. Its lines are graphic and clean; its surface smooth and without embellishments.

The typography? Timeless and yet full of character. It might not seem like it… but the curve and angles of a letter make all the difference! Just like a good wine, a typography has to age well.

The manufacturing? Our brass Initial jewellery is gilded in fine gold, the brass plates are made and cut in Italy and then flow over to the 18th district of Paris. Philippe, Marie-Anne and their team take over: our medallions are then immersed in a 24-carat gold bath and then varnished; the rings are welded (to last longer) and the medallions are linked on chains. Final step: our jewellery is packaged and prepped in Yvelines by Sandra and her team at EBS Espérance – a company of social and professional reintegration.

3 years after the very first design and 8 prototypes, this jewellery has become iconic of émoi émoi.

… and it’s my turn to wear this precious Initial every day.
N for Nour, my daughter.
When I look at it, I feel myself slip away. I see myself quickly and lightly stepping back, half-open the door, and softly break into the first notes of our song. I imagine her little head that raises and lets me catch a glimpse of the neck I love, her eyes that smile when she finally sees me, and I hold her tightly to me.

A precious Initial: the symbol of little and large stories.

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