The Civil Baptism

27 April 2016

Elle-and-Drew-parrainage-civil-émoi émoiPhoto: Elle and Drew

Your baby has finally arrived. The godparents have been chosen; they said “yes” and are committed for life! Now you just need to make it all official.

You are faced with a few options: a religious ceremony or a civil sponsorship ceremony. You can also do both.

Unheard of by the majority of young parents, over the past few years people have become more and more persuaded by the civil baptism. Why is that? Because it is a powerful and solemn moment that isn’t focused on religion. This lay ceremony allows you to choose either atheist godparents or godparents of a different religion. Then, there is the symbolism of welcoming your child into the Republican community and introducing them to an adherence to its values. In these difficult times, it could be a positive move to surround your child with strong values such as liberty and also tolerance.

How does it work in practice?

Unfortunately, this ceremony is not offered by all town councils. It is therefore possible to ask that of the godfather, godmother or the grandparents if the ceremony can take place in their municipality or town.

The proceedings are simple. In the first instance, the mayor or one of his deputies speaks; explaining to everyone gathered the history of civil baptisms and what they represent. Each in turn, the godfather, godmother, and the parents can give a short speech. It’s a moving moment, witnessed by close family and friends.  

Whether a religious or a civil baptism, it’s a time when family and friends come together, united by their love of a child. It’s a time to celebrate and be filled with joy, and realize how full of promise life is!


  1. mathilde
    27th April 2016, 14:01

    Samedi j’ai justement baptisé civilement ma fille et ce fut un moment fort en émotion autant pour nous parents que pour le parrain et la marraine ainsi que nos proches qui ont assistés a la cérémonie. Les parrains/marraines sont vraiment mis en avant et leur role a jouer. Un beau moment

  2. 27th April 2016, 17:38

    Très intéressant. Je connaissais déjà et pense le faire pour mon fils

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