50 Tips for Travelling with a Baby

50 Tips for Travelling with a Baby

8 July 2019

50 Tips for Travelling with a Baby

Amber, from the fashion and lifestyle blog ‘Barefoot Blonde’, has taken her 9 month-old baby Atticus on an incredible 44 flights and he has already visited 6 different countries!

Most of my friends always gave the excuse that they couldn’t go because of the baby. I always thought that was silly and didn’t ever want my baby to hold me back from life experiences, I wanted him to experience them with me and it is 100% doable”.

To help and encourage other young mothers to travel with their babies, Amber wrote an article on ‘50 Tips for Traveling with a Baby’.  Below are some of our favourite tips from Amber to help you prepare for your summer holidays and give you the confidence to travel with your little one:

1. Onesies – when your baby is between 0 – 6 months, blowouts can be a nightmare.  Amber suggests buying several cheap onesies, for example these, that you can just throw away instead of carrying dirty ones around with you.

2. Bring a Carry On – fill it with all the necessities that you’ll need when travelling.  This way you don’t have to worry if your luggage goes missing or struggle to find these products abroad.  Bring extra sweaters and toys to keep your baby amused and warm on the plane.

3. Security – carry the baby on you (use a Solly Wrap or something similar).  It’s one less thing to carry and you won’t have to wake your baby up as you can walk through security.  Put your laptop in the basket of the stroller, take your time and try not to get stressed (people can wait!).  Always check to see if there is a designated line for strollers.

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4. Apartments not Hotels – you’ll have a separate room for your baby to sleep in without disturbing them.  (If you’re staying in a hotel, check to see if they have an elevator and use the bathroom as the baby’s room so that they’re less likely to wake up.)

It is also nice to have a kitchen so you can wash bottles, etc. in a sink NOT connected to a bathroom. I hate washing bottles in a sink in a bathroom it seems weird!” 

5. Time zone – when travelling within a 3-4 hour difference in time zone, you could try to keep your baby on the same time zone or push it back/forward one hour.  If you’re going further abroad, Amber suggests this…

“I just made sure to book a flight during the day (nightime in Europe) and then tried to have him sleep most the time or as much as possible. Then when we got there it was day time and I tried to continue his 1.5 hour schedule (see his schedule here) and then by night-time he was super tired so I gave him a bath and put him down – once we did that he was already on Europe time. Then the same coming back”.

6. Toys – when your baby is very small they won’t be interested so don’t waste space by packing them.  When they’re a bit older bring a few of their favourites or some new ones.  Also, if there are certain music videos or shows they love, download them on your phone to use as a resource if your baby is crying and you’re stressed!

7. Bring a Blanket/Mat – for your baby to play on when you’re waiting to board.  This way they use up most of their energy before you get on the plane.  Remember to bring a different blanket for them to sleep in.

8. Let your baby flirt –

While getting on the plane face them outwards so they can smile and cheese it up with everyone. If they love your baby they won’t care so much when they cry”.

9. On the airplane – choose a window seat.  Then way if your baby starts to cry you can turn your back to everyone and focus on your baby.  Avoid the back as there’ll be people queuing for the toilet and more distractions so it’ll be harder for your baby to fall asleep.  When travelling with someone, Amber suggests requesting the aisle and the window seat as it is unlikely someone will choose to sit in the middle, giving you even more space.  Board early if you’re able to and ask to sit next to any available empty seats – another way for even more space!  Finally, do not use water on planes as it has chemicals in it – the flight attendants will provide you with as much water as you need.

10. Doctors – for peace of mind, check before you go where your nearest emergency room or pediatrician is located.

11. Don’t bring shoes – save the space.

Okay okay shoes are cute on babies and I maybe bring one or two pairs of moccasins that fold up small but I mean they aren’t even walking yet so save the luggage space!”

12. Breastfeeding – Bring a cooler with a bottle of frozen milk in case you don’t feel like breastfeeding.  During the first few months Amber also suggests bringing an empty bottle too.  She encourages you not to be shy about breastfeeding and to breastfeed anywhere.  She doesn’t use a cover and instead recommends wearing loose shirts and swimsuits that are easy to pull down.

“Sometimes when you are first breastfeeding your boobs are so full and literally squirt everywhere haha see this story for my experience with that… I also would HIGHLY recommend pumping as much as possible beforehand so your boobs aren’t bursting at the seams!”

13. Rent a car – you can leave stuff in there, plus you’re not jumping in and out of taxis all day.  It’s a good idea to keep a change of clothes in there too – don’t forget a change of clothes for yourself as well!

14. Stay as close to the city/attraction as possible – this makes it easier for nap times and makes it easier to pop in and out of the city.

15. Noise cancelling headphones –

“The freaking announcements on the plane are SO MOTHER FREAKING LOUD!!! They always wake Atticus up so we got noise cancelling headphones. The ones we have found, here.

16. Bring More Clothes – babies get through clothes so quickly and you’ll need more than you think!

17. Don’t Bring Too Many Diapers – you can always buy more so save the space.

18. Backpack Diaper Bag – these are an absolute MUST.  They make everything so much easier.

19. Bring Your Pump –

My pump blew a fuse the first day and I had to throw it away. Pumps are expensive so I really recommend bringing a hand pump either as a back up or instead of or a battery powered pump!”

20. Plan an extra day – sometimes your baby will have a bad day and your plans will have to be rearranged.  Adding an extra day makes you more flexible and you can have a day to cuddle and recoup.

21. Don’t Forget the Sound Machine – then you don’t have to worry about it being too loud for your baby to fall asleep.

22. Finally… mindset –

I think mindset is sooo huge in travelling with a baby!!! It’s easy to dread the plane ride and get anxious but they always end up being a million times better than you think! So don’t stress about it and just have the mindset that you are going on a trip with your best bud and try to get excited rather than nervous… If you dread it and are stressed, he will know and it will work up both of you. Just relax and have fun with your little buddy”.

Click here to see the original post for her list of things to pack and for more of Amber’s top tips for travelling!  Have you been travelling with your baby before?  Do you have any tips?  We’d love to hear them!


  1. 5th June 2015, 21:01

    Je confirme tous ces conseils! Encore merci les prochaines vacances se passeront encore mieux maintenant!

  2. 15th February 2018, 13:08

    Super article! C’est vraiment pratique de pouvoir lire ceci en Français! Je suis fan de Amber Fillerup et sa petite vie me donne tellement envie de voyager! -Margaux de http://www.hopefullygypsy.com

  3. 8th July 2019, 21:19

    De super conseils ! Merci à Amber pour cet article !

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