accouchement dans la nature

No, this is not the name of a good summer read but rather, the name of a reality TV show.

An American TV channel, not exactly well-known for its cultural documentaries, has made this unusual programme.

Lifetime will broadcast a new show that features pregnant women giving birth unassisted, outside, in the middle of nature.

Let me set the scene: a forest, a stream, little birds, and in the middle there’s a naked lady in labour. She is filmed in all kinds of positions and gives birth to her child, completely alone. Well, almost, as she has a camera man at her side. It’s bucolic.

The concept has obviously provoked a bit of a scandal over on the other side of the Atlantic. Some people condemn the fact that it’s dangerous for both mother and baby. The TV channel has responded by informing the public that there is a doctor (hidden behind a tree) who surveys the birth. Lifetime has also declared that the filming takes place near a hospital. And one last thing: first-time mums are not accepted. How reassuring.

I am personally shocked by the voyeuristic, animal and degrading side of all of this.

But where has this bizarre idea come from?

It was all triggered by a recent YouTube video that went viral, with more than 22 million views, in which a naked woman gives birth on a beach mat, at the side of a stream.

I have to confess, I haven’t actually seen the video, but from what I hear you see ‘everything’, right up to the birth of the placenta.

I can’t help but question it all!

What do you think? Is it now terribly old-fashioned to give birth in a hospital with your doctor and midwife at your side?

Are epidurals something of the past?

And has modesty become outdated?

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  1. 23rd July 2014, 17:58

    Je passe mon tour également !
    J’ai entendue parler de cette émissions…
    faire plus naturel ok, mais la c’est l’extrême de l’extrême !
    J’adore la phrase “comment faisait nos grand-mères ?”
    Ben déjà nos grand-mères ne se mettaient pas à poils au bord d’un torrent avec des caméras et ensuite le nombre d’enfants mort né à l’époque était tellement élevé qu’il a donner envie aux femmes d’aller écarter les jambes devant un médecin à l’hôpital… 🙂
    Médicalisation de l’accouchement mon amour… <3

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