Bulles de savon

How did it end up on my bookshelf?

It was during the Easter holidays. We decided to spend the day without the kids in Marseille. And it was in the MUCEM library, in the children’s section, that I set eyes upon this book.  The shelves were full of inviting books, but I chose this one.

I thought that the title was poetic- the front-cover and its colourful shadings enticed me. Soap bubbles. You start to imagine the ephemeral, the magical and simply happiness. The layout of the book and its cardboard pages are perfect for clumsy little fingers. Emma Giuliani, a talented young graphic designer, is the author of this book.

First impressions

Soap bubbles is a book full of surprises. It’s read aloud, listened to, acted out. Every page has shapes that you can touch and move. Every sentence is accompanied by an illustration. It’s a poem which is both visual and oral. In the book, the four seasons are brought to life; the smell of textbooks when it’s back-to-school time, spring’s kiss and the sugary taste of summer fruits. Moreover, it evokes the beauty of your first shared impressions. Soap bubble is a touching book. It’s as sweet as a Proustian madeleine…

“I haven’t forgotten about the bubbles of soap that I blew, with a round-mouth, a straw hat, the cherry tree and the heat of a summer’s day… I haven’t forgotten the return of spring, my first try at kiting when there was just enough wind. And I will never forget that summer night, the noise of the party and our silent promises under the stars.”

bulles de savon

The ending.

Soap bubbles is an introduction to poetry. It’s an induction to beautiful words and memories; to the sort of reading that can allude to the passing of time, precious moments, the magical passing of each season and the charm of first-times.

Bulles de Savon
Emma Giuliani
Edition : Les Grandes Personnes, 3 years plus.


  1. Elfe
    24th June 2016, 23:31

    Cest un livre pop up c’est ça? Il semble très joli en effet.
    Et ce super bracelet en Liberty il vient d’où? Svp…?!

  2. 27th June 2016, 10:55

    Bonjour Elfe,
    Le bracelet de montre liberty vient de chez “La sardine” 😉

  3. 3rd September 2016, 18:03

    Très belles éditions en effet avec des livres qui sortent du commun.

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