Camille from Ritalechat has tested the box “Bonnets de famille” émoi émoi x Breaking the Wool

Camille from Ritalechat has tested the box “Bonnets de famille” émoi émoi x Breaking the Wool

10 January 2016

Few months ago, we interviewed Camille about her family and her blog Ritalechat. Today, she comes back to share her opinion and tips about our DIY kit “Bonnets de Famille” in collaboration with Breaking the Wool.
Camille is the “maman cool” to Sacha, 10 years old and Violette, 4 years old. She has decided to use this box for her daughter, her husband and herself.

Camille Ritalechat bonnets émoi émoi Camille has always been a hands-on person. She started to knit when she was 8 years old and practices DIY every day for her blog or orders. She is also teaching her daughter Violette to knit. Camille is proud of her creations and she is right to be! Her biggest success in knitting: “I did a collaboration on an animated movie made entirely in wool. I created four characters and a film set fully in wool, it was great! My other biggest project is the wool alphabet that I am making. I am covering big letters by wool. I am on it for a year but I love it.”Camille ritalechat bonnets émoi émoi

For once, Violette likes a creation made by her mum and that is for one reason: the softness of the wool! “The wool from the box is great, it is so soft. It is perfect for children as they do not like when it scratches which is a serious problem with knitting. For this box, that is not a issue! “
At the begining, our maman cool was reticent to use the bamboo needles proposed in the box “I am used to rose wood needles.” Nevertheless, she quickly felt reassured. « These needles are perfect. They have a good size. In fact, the length of the cable is important for this type of neeedle, we sometimes have to do some moves if what we knit is too small. Here, the cable length is good, no need to do anything.”
The difficulty was not an issue for Camille: “I knitted my daugther’s cap while I was watching TV.” From her point of view , these caps are perfect for beginners. “They are easy to make and the tutorial is very clear. Three hours for each should be enough.”Camille ritalechat bonnets émoi émoi Because Camille is very sweet, she gives us some advices. Her first advice regarding knit in general is to never give up. “You should not be afraid to do and undo all the time. I still have to undo all the time.” In fact, Camille still makes a lot of mistakes ! Her biggest mistakes ? « There are so many ! I am making mistakes all the time. But my biggest mistake remains a poncho. Two months of work to finally realize that it was hideous! I had to undo everything ! »
And what about the box itself : “If it is your first time knitting, read the tuto one time before you start. “ Her other advice regards needles: “Bamboo needles can be difficult for the wool to slip easily. Then, do not hesitate to assemble the mesh very amenably for the first rows.”
A last advice to conclude?  “The advantage of this box is that you can do everything you want! ” Camille will customize her caps. “If I have some wool left, I will make a pompon for my daughter’s cap. Everything is possible, you can add whatever you want to create unique caps.”

“Bonnets de Famille” Gift Box- Breaking the Wool x émoi émoi, in grey or navy, 45 €. Limited edition, exclusive to émoi émoi

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