Decorating a baby’s bedroom: a mum’s advice #8

Decorating a baby’s bedroom: a mum’s advice #8

7 September 2016

“I started by remembering that my son will only be a baby for a short time and that when he’s older, he won’t want to be living in a baby’s room.”

Mother to 1 year-old son Hayes, Jordan works in school services and lives in Dallas with her husband, Justin, of 5 years. Jordan also writes her own successful parenting and lifestyle blog, Love, Jordan .They moved into their current home in 2015, and set about renovating it completely. Jordan explains she always has new projects in her head. I ask Jordan where her love of design comes from: “I’ve always loved designing, you can ask my parents! In my first house though, I didn’t have a clear style in mind and I just played around with everything. Then, after Hayes was born and I had more resources, I settled on my style. I love designing and creating beautiful spaces”
Jordan Dunaway - Hayes room baby bed - décorer une chambre d enfants - émoi émoi

Jordan’s favourite room in her house is Hayes’ nursery.  The most important thing she kept in mind when decorating his nursery? “I wanted a style and a theme that would grow and evolve with him. I tried to choose colours, patterns and art that would suit a baby, a 3 year old and maybe a 10 year old. I didn’t over think it too much; the styling and colour scheme came naturally”

Hayes’s room is the only room in the house with a theme, where Jordan has chosen an ‘American National Park’ inspired theme. “I saw Anderson Design’s travel posters, and they inspired the theme. We live in Texas where the land is very flat, but I want Hayes to be curious about what else is out there in the world, and about all the places he can go and explore and have adventures. I used Pinterest to streamline the sort of style and colour scheme I wanted. Instagram constantly inspires me every single day; I love all bohemian, minimal and retro styles.”

Her favourite part of the nursery? “I love sitting with Hayes in the rocking chair with a book. Our favourite book at the moment is ABC by Dr Seuss- we know it by heart!” What is she most proud of? “The raw wood IKEA dresser that we stained, painted and created leather drawer pulls for. Also the wooden animal mobile I made, I just improvised!”
Jordan Dunaway - Hayes room commode à langer - décorer une chambre d enfants - émoi émoi Jordan Dunaway - Hayes room - Mobile - décorer une chambre d enfants - émoi émoi
Hayes’ nursery is for both playing and sleeping in. “We turned our dining room into a playroom, but Hayes has plenty of toys in his bedroom, where he likes to play too!” Any storage solutions? “We have an IKEA KALLAX shelf unit horizontally in the closet and filled it with soft baskets to house toys and blankets. Hayes loves to pull them out and get his own toys out to play with.”Jordan Dunaway - Family time - décorer une chambre d enfants - émoi émoi

Jordan tells me she has also just finished decorating Hayes’ bathroom, which she explains is a completely different style to his bedroom. It fits with the rest of the house, with wood planks and mono-chromatic tiling.Jordan Dunaway - salle de bain - décorer une chambre d enfants - émoi

Jordan advises to be careful when choosing the sheen of wall paint for decorating a child’s bedroom. “In future I would use an eggshell finish when choosing wall paint for a child’s room since tiny hands come with handprints!”  Important things to think about are practicality and safety. “Kids are wild, curious and messy. If it’s within their reach, they’ll grab it!”

I ask Jordan if she were to have any more children, whether they would share a bedroom. “My husband shared a bedroom with his older brother growing up, and he enjoyed it. He says it was like a sleepover every night. I never shared a room with my younger brother though. It’s something we would have to discuss when or if we have another child.”

For her furniture shopping, Jordan likes ‘Land of Nod’ for their bold colours and modern, sleek designs. She is also a big fan of IKEA for finding more affordable versions of high end furniture. Our mum also likes to support small, local businesses whenever possible too. Her next purchase? The OyOy Adventure Rug for Hayes’ playroom. “The bold black and white graphic will complement the rest of the house and Hayes loves playing with his cars!”

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I asked Jordan what her dream house would be like. “An older, mid country ranch style house that I could renovate myself. It would have wood trim, wooden beams across the ceilings, and large floor to ceiling windows.”

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  1. Hannah Erwin
    7th September 2016, 19:20

    Great piece. Interesting & inspiring! If course, I may be bias, she’s my daughter. And it’s true, she’s been into designing, decorating & used to watch Martha Stewart with her Daddy. So proud of that girl & the woman she’s become!

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