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“What does a mum’s day look like? It’s simple; every day is a race.” This question, which I regularly ask mums when we talk together, whether they are mother hens, cool mums or wolves, has the same reply. Admittedly every morning, after a more or less rough awakening, the choice of an outfit for the day resembles more of a Rubik cube than something truly pleasing. However you do love your clothes: these jeans, which give you a great shape, your ever so glamorous silk blouse, not to mention your comfy loose-fit jumper. But when these pieces are put together the materials and colours can seem like a real Chinese puzzle. A mum in a hurry finds herself standing paralysed in front of her wardrobe. Anxious about the seconds, then minutes spent frozen before she gets dressed.

So what is the solution? There certainly is one. It is the capsule wardrobe.

The capsule wardrobe – better known by this English name – is nothing other than the concept of minimalism applied to the closet. This is the very trendy idea that less is more and even of slow dressing.

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The capsule wardrobe is a wardrobe limited to thirty “strong” pieces, adapted to season, thought and composed so that each piece complements every other piece. Where to start?

  • With you! Knowing your body’s shape and therefore the pieces which flatter your form. Blouses, t shirts? Silk, lace, organic cotton? Slim fit, boyfriend style or sophisticated? You find your style.
  • Sort out your wardrobe. Give away or sell clothes that you no longer wear. If you cannot get rid of certain pieces, put them to the side for the moment. If in six months they have not left the closet, you can part with them…
  • Target your strong pieces, your favourite clothes, and the ones you wear the most. Separate the tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, coats and shoes.
  • Choose colours that go well together, those that match your complexion and can easily be combined with your accessories.
  • Compose outfits. Each garment must be able to go together and make up two or three different outfits.
  • Rotate your clothes according to the seasons. Store your off-season clothes at the top of the wardrobe or in another cupboard. You will find your outfits of the moment more easily and rediscover with pleasure your lighter clothes with the first rays of spring sunshine.
  • Add essential pieces to your capsule wardrobe. Between 2 and 5 garments that bring everything together. A beautiful woollen vest, for example, can warm up a spring dress, or accessorise a silk blouse and skinny jeans.

Does this work? The capsule wardrobe puts an end to the sentence that infuriates the other sex: “I have nothing to wear.” Mornings are serene. No more stress, the first top you grab can go with two or three bottom pieces. This also works conversely! You could almost blindly put together your outfits. There is more time. The minutes gained from less time spent dressing can lengthen breakfast time, time spent with children or even – dare to dream – postponing the ring of the alarm clock! The capsule wardrobe is economical. Fewer pieces, better quality and less money wasted on clothes rarely worn. You move to a more responsible fashion.

According to some statistic a woman wears on average 30% of the clothes hung in her wardrobe. Is now not the perfect time to be tempted by the capsule wardrobe?

For more information see the American blog Unfancy.

garde robe

Photo : Leiasfez

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