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So, this year, you’re spending the holidays in a rented holiday home, or at the grandparents’. It sounds nice, but you’re mega stressed, and not just at the thought of your little ones taking the plunge for the first time. Here are a few tips – tried and tested – so that you can really enjoy a wonderful getaway.

1) Tidy away all IFOs (that’s ‘Identified Fragile Objects’) and place them into a locked cupboard. This will avoid you having to yell “Be careful!” every time your kids make a sudden movement. Or having to run to the corner shop to try and replace that priceless vase.

2) Mark out a designated ‘play space’ for kids inside the house. Of course, ideally, they will play in the garden, but in case of bad weather, it’s best to be prepared.

3) Think about bringing some toys they like (ones that don’t take up much space and aren’t too noisy) with you.

4) Cover the sofa with an extra large fouta wrap or throw so that any spills can go straight in the wash! Choose colours that suit you: pastel tones to create a Nordic feel, summery coral shades or simple, classic white, to brighten up a dark room.

5) Stairs: we’ve still not found anything that does a better job than the classic combination of a sturdy stair gate and extreme caution.
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6) Slip a couple of socket covers into your suitcase. They’re small, light and will save you that surge of adrenaline when you see baby starting to explore.

7) No toddler bed for your more grown-up boy or girl (aged 2 ½ and up)? Surround a normal bed with cushions, push two beds together or, if you are really worried about falls, and not so much about bugs, place a mattress on the floor.

8) No bath? Buy an inflatable boat and put it in the shower!

9) Improvise a changing table by putting baby in the middle of a double bed, surrounded by cushion to prevent any falls. And of course, never leave your baby on their own.

10) At mealtimes, a buggy or a deckchair will stand in for your usual highchair. Alternatively, consider a fabric travel highchair, which can be hung onto a standard adult seat.

What are your top holiday tips?

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