L’échappée (The escape): a beautiful spot in Paris

L’échappée (The escape): a beautiful spot in Paris

10 February 2015

It’s a cosy little place that we’re featuring today.  With all this cold weather, what could be more tempting than to take refuge in a spa for a little break in the middle of pregnancy?  L’échappée (The Escape), right in the heart of the 11th arrondissement of Paris, provides special care for the perfect spa break for mums-to-be and new mothers.  Let me take this opportunity to introduce you to this little paradise in the heart of the city.

When you enter l’Échappée, you escape all the noise and greyness of the street.  Go through the entrance, and there are several places to explore: below – the urban spa, on the first floor – the restaurant.  That’s where I have a meeting to discover the breakfast menu designed by Natcha, the chef.  On the menu there are seasonal fruits and vegetables, vegetarian meals and meals with/or without gluten, in original flavours, all in a light and calm room.  Curled up in a cosy armchair, I’ve already forgotten the fatigue and back pains that come with being seven months pregnant.  Soup, lentils, fruit – I am full of vitamins and iron: a bonus for mothers anxious about their diet during pregnancy!

At 1pm, I waited for the ‘Douc’heure éclat’ treatment, specially designed for mums-to-be.  This consists of a scrub and body massage, followed by a nutritional and anti-aging facial.  The scrub is soft and the range of products (all organic) are specially adapted for pregnancy.  Then this happened: I fell asleep like a baby.  When I woke up, I had hydrated skin, a smooth complexion, but above all a real sense of lightness: a real pleasure at this stage of pregnancy, when you really start to feel that extra weight.

A little further on the baths and hammam took me in their arms with the tea room and deckchairs under the large glass roof. The hammam isn’t suitable for pregnant women, but the pool with its massaging jets helped me to relax.  This is a must for those sensitive to the cold – the temperature of the water is close to 35°! The pool isn’t huge but more than enough to have a swim.  I almost want to forget that the nanny is expecting me at 5pm…  But the image of my little boy smiling draws me out of the water.  In the street, I feel like I’ve lost 10 kilos and I could almost float all the way back: it’ll be a Zen mum returning tonight!

To summarise, I loved:

-The breakfast, healthy and delicious at the same time.  A delicacy for the taste buds and surroundings that invite you to relax: a very successful start!

-The lovely mum-to-be treatments: no need to take a shower after the scrub – the very light grains are delicately removed by the beautician.  This allows you to really relax without interrupting during your treatment.

-The bathing space offers the possibility to swim or simply to relax after a treatment.  A real cocoon, calm and light, for a soft transition before returning to the real world.

I didn’t like so much:

-The changing rooms that aren’t mixed but are collective.  Note to myself and to modest mums-to-be: come wearing a swimsuit!

Do you feel like having a little break?  L’Échappée has an exclusive offer just for you: 15% off any mum-to-be treatment with the code Maman Poule when you make a telephone reservation, so… spoil yourself!

Offer valid weekdays until the 10th March 2015.

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