Yippee! The bell has rung, school’s out and time for a well-deserved holiday. The final stage before the all important departure: packing. Here are our tips for maximising space without forgetting the essentials, so that you can avoid finding yourself with an XXL suitcase for baby, and an XS for you!

Soaking up the sun

It’s going to be hot, and baby is going to spend all day in a swimming costume / bodysuit / bloomers. Taking five bodysuits and hand washing them is better than taking ten: clothes will dry quickly in the sun. For the rest, go for light cotton clothes which are portable without needing to be ironed. To lighten the load even further, choose inflatable rubber rings over foam armbands, a fouta over a heavy beach towel, one plastic bib over three fabric ones… and let the sunshine in!

Most importantly, I MUST NOT forget:

A high-factor sun cream suitable for babies

A hat and sunglasses

Escape to the country

A woodland walk, visiting the farm, picnicking on the grass… baby is about to discover the joys of nature. Be careful however of potential insect stings and small bumps and grazes! Don’t skimp on your medical kit and take everything you may need: mosquito spray, insect bite and sting cream, disinfectant, plasters and other First Aid remedies. When it comes to what to wear, your baby will appreciate comfortable clothes during your long walks. And in case it is really hot, slip an inflatable bath into your case and it can double up as an impromptu paddling pool. You will thank us!

Most importantly, I MUST NOT forget:

Plastic boots for a baby on the move

A mosquito net for the bed and the pram

A breath of fresh air in the mountains

After checking the altitude with your pediatrician, you have decided to take baby to the top! In summer, as in winter, know how to protect yourself in the mountains: never set out without sun cream, sunglasses and a hat or beanie, depending on the season. So that baby can get the most out of your walks, a baby carrier is ideal. Choose between a front or back carrier according to your baby’s age and of course, the level of comfort for the wearer!

Most importantly, I MUST NOT forget:

A sleeping bag, because it gets cold at night

A travel changing mat, in case of a nappy incident in the middle of a walk

City break

Since baby arrived, your pharmacist has become your best friend, and he rewards your loyalty in samples – liniment, moisturizer, cleansing gel – which you’ve kept carefully stowed away, despite your partner’s doubts. Now it’s your time to shine! Thanks to your hoard of goodies, you aren’t only able to fit all of baby’s needs into a single wash bag, but if you’re travelling by plane, you don’t have to check in your bags! Who’s the queen of packing now?

Most importantly, I MUST NOT forget:

A cuddly toy and replaceable bottle teat

A brush to wash baby’s bottles

Photos: Barefoot Blonde


  1. Vialette
    21st July 2015, 19:16

    Merci pour cet article !! Bientôt les premiers vacances pour mon Petit Prince et je suis sûre que je vais oublier quelque chose… Ahah

  2. Julia
    21st July 2015, 20:28

    Pensez aussi à un pare-soleil à poser dans la voiture sur la vitre côté siège bébé. C’est léger et utile pour les trajets en plein soleil!

  3. Johanna
    21st July 2015, 20:31

    De grands langes pour les câlins, une boîte remplie de sucettes propres, de l’eau tout le temps et surtout surtout surtout une tente vu pour se faire des cabanes a câlins…

  4. Johanna
    21st July 2015, 20:32

    Pas une tente “vu”, une tente “uv”!

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