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Not too long ago, we used to read magazines for inspiration and for dreaming. Today, we can see dozens of pictures in just one click.
Instagram, or IG to insiders, has become a part of our daily life. It’s more than just a type of social media, it’s an endless source of ideas. We discover new and upcoming trends, we make new friends, and we display our private lives through the filter we choose. Because let’s be honnest, Instagram presents your life but makes it look so much better.
Thanks to this app, your baby has never looked so cute, your cup of coffee has never appeared so romantic, your interior decor could be from a magazine and your holidays look like a postcard.

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If it’s not already the case, be assured that the dream is within reach! Posting a picture on IG is easy. Making a post successful is slightly more difficult. All accounts might look similar in layout  but they’re all different. The beauty of an account is judged by the number of ‘likes’. So you want to achieve the “dream life on IG” experience ? Here are a few tips before you start.
1. Pick a theme and stick to it. Motherhood, food, decor, fashion, travel, pretty places…
2. Be consistent. You have to post at least once a day. You will soon get used to it.
3. Maintain the tone. The tone and the colour have to be coherent. To do this you can use filters and adjust the light/contrast of your pictures.
4. Use hashtags! Again and again. People will use these to search for you.

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You’ve now mastered the technique. But something’s not quite right. Your home wasn’t furnished by an interior designer; your paintings are going out of fashion and your furniture is not very ‘in’ anymore. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean your picture can’t be an IG success. A great home décor will land you on your feet.
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At home: A wooden table, or a marble piece will be perfect for displaying objects you want to shoot. On the contrary, why not buy a printed, white or natural effect wallpaper? It can be used as a form of décor itself. You can always use a wooden or metallic tray too. In your room, a bed sheet is a comfy alternative!
Outside: The street offers the best background for photos. You can see here old walls with a history. Be it a brick wall, covered in posters, falling to ruin or in well maintained- they are all very aesthetically pleasing. Stop in front of a nice door, step onto a cute patio and look at your feet. Tiles are in fashion! And I’m sure you can find magical places in your own town or city: rustic coffee shops, a sophisticated restaurant or a neat shop.

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Finally, add a smile to all these poetic photos, a hint of joy for life and a desire to share these precious moments with other mothers online. You should now be able to post some beautiful IG pictures! 

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