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Your days of sunbathing and heading to the beach on a whim are over: with baby you have to be organised and have more than just a bottle in your beach bag! To avoid holiday disasters, we have made a checklist of the essentials:

1. Hypoallergenic sun cream for babies, and specially formulated for their skin, which might be soft, but is also very delicate. Sun protection starts from birth.
2. A hat and sunglasses marked as European standard CE factor 4 – you can even find specially designed frames to suit your mini cools and mini poules. After that, it’s up to you to find ways to make baby wear them! We usually try: “Would you like to wear some nice sunglasses like Mummy?” Children love to mimic, so set an example.
3. A large wrap to act as a sunshield for the pram during naps (which can also double up as a changing mat if necessary).

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4. A spring water cooling spray: when it gets really hot, there is nothing better to cool baby down.
5. A water bottle: make them drink regularly to avoid dehydration.
6a. An inflatable bath for babies: placed in the shade under the deckchair, it’s safer than a paddle in the sea under the blazing sun and just as refreshing.
6b. Age-appropriate inflatables: from rubber rings in the shape of ducks or frogs, to the classic yellow armbands, your mini will be all too happy to swim!
7. Waterproof nappies. No, it’s not just a gimmick. One day, we ran out and used a normal nappy, which promptly swelled and swelled until the micro-pearls exploded everywhere! Now, we never leave without packing waterproofs.

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8. A large fouta wrap to avoid as much direct contact with the sand as possible. But however careful you are, baby will of course end up with sand everywhere.
9. Spare swimsuits and nappies: don’t leave your little one too long with a nappy full of sand or a damp swimsuit –both can lead to infections!
10. A bucket and spade, a rake and all that stuff: start training from the first summer holiday- kids grow up fast, and soon you will find yourself being requisitioned for sandcastle competitions!


  1. Sophie La Girafe
    30th July 2017, 14:53

    Les couches-maillots lavables c’est bien aussi, et ça évite les micro-perles dans le gosier des tortues de mer. H*mac, B*mbinomio, etc. Plein de marques et de coloris différents pour un bébé nageur hyper stylé!

  2. Alki
    30th July 2017, 15:11

    À l’ancienne : 2 ou 3 petites culottes en éponge que l’on change et que l’on rince dés que le bébé s’est sali. Pas de couches à la plage !

  3. Nathalie
    14th September 2017, 10:59

    @Alki @Sophie la Girafe : merci beaucoup pour vos commentaires, on a mis à jour l’article !

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