This is my art.

This is how Jade Beall sets the tone.  The American photographer has caused controversy by publishing one of her photos on Facebook.

There are seven mothers in this photo, naked, their children in their arms, some breastfeeding, some not.

We must note that the social network has recently made efforts to tolerate these new mothers. The breastfeeding women have the rights to the image.  However, Facebook and its users still remain quite particular about nudity.

In fact, Jade Beall had forgotten to hide on their nipples.  Yet she “is always careful to hide all intimate parts of her models to meet the conditions for using Facebook”.

The artist retouched the photo before publishing it again.

The scandal began.

Whilst many denounce the portrayal of naked women breastfeeding on social media; the photographer defends herself and explains her project.

This photo is taken from a series entitled A beautiful body, through which Hade Beall tries to portray the female body – the real one, not the photoshopped one that we see in the media.

This is no fierce debate about breastfeeding, simply a story of art.

It’s almost disappointing, isn’t it?

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