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Does your skin scream tiredness? Not surprising given your new mum routine! Start by giving yourself little breaks while the baby’s asleep, moments for nobody but yourself – the washing up can wait, but your skin certainly can’t!

Good habits for good skin

– Cleanse in the morning and the evening, for starters! There is no better way to brighten your complexion, as long as you do so with discipline and care: in the evening to remove makeup and impurities and in the morning to clean your skin.

– Exfoliate twice a week to eliminate those greyish dead cells and stimulate cell replenishment. To save time, you can do this in the shower.

– Treat yourself to a soothing face mask once a week to light up your complexion, chase away signs of tiredness and put on a brave face for the mother-in-law!

– Do you have an eye care cream? If not, it’s time to get one. If you do, have you ever considered putting it in the fridge for instant refreshment?

– You’ll need something to combat those dark circles! Firstly, work out whether the rings under your eyes are blue- or brown-tinged, then choose a complementary colour to soften them. Tired, you?! Pfft.

– Go for fresh and radiant makeup with a touch of lipstick. You’ll be the prettiest mama in town!

Yummy food tricks

– Mix a glass of lemony water with a bit of grated ginger. When you’re on an empty stomach, this is an energising drink full of antioxidants for glowing, healthy skin.

– Get your fill of vitamins! For Vitamin C, stock up your fruit bowl with oranges, clementines, kiwis and blueberries, and for iron and magnesium to regulate fatigue, fill up on fish, meat, lentils and dried fruit.

– Some foodstuffs are also good for the complexion. You’d be wrong to deprive yourself of them! There are carrots, of course, but also tomatoes, yellow peaches, apricots, spinach…

– No time to cook? Get seasonal dishes cooked by pros delivered to your home.

– Don’t skip meals, especially not breakfast, on the pretext that you ‘don’t have the time’! This makes sudden waves of tiredness inevitable – probably at exactly the moment that your baby decides it wants to be in your arms and nowhere else.

– To combat cellulite, we unfortunately have no advice other than a 100% sugar ban. This is what encourages the build-up of collagen that causes it.

And some good resolutions to keep…

– Don’t pressure yourself; the ‘perfect mother’ is just a theory. In practice, you’ll be in survival mode just like every other new mum, and that’s normal! The world isn’t going to end if you’re running late or you’re still in your PJs at lunchtime. Take advantage of your maternity leave to slow things down.

– You’ll be grateful for a little, tiny nap once a day to make up for the chaotic nights.

– Go easy on the visits: everyone is gearing up to come and admire your little darling, which is lovely, but they don’t all have to come at the same time, seven days a week. Spread out the visitors. You’ll enjoy it more and so will they!

– While we’re at it, go easy on the screen time too. Smartphones, computers, TV, games consoles… Stop! Your eyes need a rest.

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