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In response to the question “what do you need?” young mums often find themselves at a loss, either because they don’t know or because they don’t dare to reply truthfully. Usually this situation is concluded with “what makes you happy…” Shortly the pregnancy is well underway – don’t panic! Finding a nice post-birth gift is not an impossible mission: here are some really great ideas.

The classics
These are the essential items for after giving birth. It’s impossible to go wrong with these provided that you have checked that the young mother doesn’t already have them.

  • A fantastic cashmere blanket to keep the baby warm at home, in the pushchair…
  • Personalised linen: nappies, bibs, drawstring bags, bathrobes, cushion..
  • A vanity-case full of gentle products for the mum and baby.
  • Participating in the children’s’ birth registry

The creative
Classic ideas that have been slightly twisted in order to be unique

  • A personalised piece of jewellery for the mother with the baby’s name, or even more discreet, their initial.
  • A deckchair or designer baby chair: just because you are parents doesn’t mean your living room has to become a crèche.
  • A safe, pretty and easy-to-put-on baby sling. Yes this does exist!
  • Yes a book, but a personalised one. We are fans of the Zebra book.
  • A professional family photoshoot.

Helpful services
We don’t think of these enough… even though all mums secretly dream of them.

  • A night nanny for a prolonged night just once a week
  • A few hours of babysitting every now and to give her a breather, or just arrange a physiotherapy session #soglam
  • A manicure at home, and pedicure!
  • A massage session for the baby to experience a bonding moment. And why not take care of some minor ailments such as the dreaded baby reflex…
  • A post-delivery  care-package… for the mother!

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  1. Marie
    29th May 2018, 16:26

    Merci pour ces supers idées!
    Avez-vous des recommandations de photographes pour la séance photo enceinte et/ou en famille?

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