Conseil aux papas


Pregnancy is an adventure for three people… the mum, baby and you! Many dads feel rather out of the way at this stage. However they have an important role to play during those 9 intense months of change and high emotions. We are here to tell you (nearly) everything you can do.

First of all, do not blame us…
Attacks of the blues, exhaustion, nausea, crying fit; mothers-to-be will go through all of these moods. We don’t have testosterone but these 9 months are like a huge hormone party, which you often also have to attend… but this is because we LOVE you so much. One piece of advice: just grin and bear it.

Satisfy (all of) our cravings!
Strawberries, cheese (pasteurised), burgers, spinach, mango, ice cream… Do not be surprised if your partner has surprising or sudden food cravings. To make a note of: locate the grocers closest to you that are open late at night or early in the morning.

Reassure us, listen to us.
This is also a valid point outside of her pregnancy #lol! But it is a fact that being pregnant is particularly stressful for future mums. When we don’t feel the baby moving we want an ultrasound pronto. As our due date approaches we wonder if we can make it. We will need a sympathetic ear and comfortable should in all of these situations.

Get involved.
Accompany your partner to every ultrasound. Attend the preparatory classes with her. Ask her if you can communicate with the baby, talk to it so it can get used to your voice or offer to go to haptonomy classes! The choice of maternity clothes, the oh-so-strange push-chair, baby clothes… We need your opinion and finally your agreement for every little detail concerning the life of your darling baby! As for the pushchair, since we are talking about it, familiarise yourself with this machine (how to fold up and unfold it…) before your child’s birth!

Transform yourself into Tony Miccelli*!
Pregnant women tend to want to clean the family home from top to bottom before the baby’s arrival; some even like to move around furniture to make the perfect nest. If this desire takes hold of your loved one help her because physical activities must be kept limited during pregnancy! Support her, or else face what you read in the first paragraph (mood swings)!

*The handyman from the TV series Who’s the Boss #Borninthe80s

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