Summer is finally here, and that might even mean holidays for the lucky ones amongst you! But while the temperature continues to rise, strong heat is even more difficult to cope with while pregnant, when your body temperature is already naturally higher than normal! Here are our easy tips for staying cool throughout the summer.

The golden rules

In case this information has so far passed you by, stay hydrated! You must drink water regularly, even before you feel thirsty. We’ll admit that water can be a bit boring, so give your glass of water a bit of colour: don’t hesitate to add the juice or zest of lemons, oranges and mint – whatever takes your fancy!

When eating, avoid salt, a major cause of water retention! It is advised to eat as many fruit and vegetables as you like, which are full of water and therefore help hydration, and to cut out heavy, fatty foods (as if you needed reminding!)

With the heat, your hands and feet swell. Remove bracelets and rings to help the blood circulate and to avoid sausage fingers! Choose comfortable shoes, preferably with a flat or wedge heel. If do fall for a new pair, go for those half a size above.

Heavy legs are a recurring problem among pregnant women, and high temperatures don’t do anything to help. So you can lighten your legs by passing a jet of water over your calves and thighs if necessary and follow it by massaging with the help of decongesting product. To help the blood to flow better, it is always best to use movements from bottom to top.

In town?

In a city, the heat is even more stifling. When going out, avoid wearing close-fitting clothes which contain synthetic materials. Choose loose cuts made of cotton or linen to allow the body to breathe better. The heatwave is not all bad: it’s the sales. Long dresses, shorts and pretty blouses are all yours!

At the office, install a fan and elevate your legs. If you get a hot flush, apply a cool, damp flannel to your neck or forehead for a guaranteed cool-down. (This also works for babies!)

On holiday?

On holiday at the beach or beside the pool, the big temptation is to benefit from the sun. All the same, you must take care to not be in the sun during the hottest parts of the day and especially to protect yourself with a factor 50 sun cream. And to further minimise the risk of the mask of pregnancy, shield yourself with a pretty hat: wide-brimmed, panama, boater, cap…

And when you think ‘holiday’, think ‘bathing’. Ideal for cooling down, feeling lighter and especially for relieving the sciatic nerve! So don’t hesitate to take a dip, and with a pretty swimsuit.

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What are your tips for coping with the heat?

Photos from: Barefoot Blonde

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    Nous à l’atelier coquillettes, même enceinte de 41 SA et impatiente que ce petit bout’chou pointe le bout de son nez, on mange des glaces et des sorbets comme notre super pingouin !

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