Nine months with émoi émoi

Nine months with émoi émoi

10 October 2017


Every season, we try on hundreds of maternity clothes and select the loveliest articles. For we are convinced in a wardrobe for a future mama, you need few pieces, yet the best pieces: ones you wear every day, on every occasion and that you can wear, re-wear, wash and rewash, keep to pass onto another child… In short: we prioritise quality over quantity.

Our mission is to help each of you find your pregnancy essentials, and we are proud to offer only those pieces that meet our promise of quality, comfort and style. We want to promote a sustainable fashion, created by talented designers and made in the best workshops. For you: natural and comfortable materials, beautiful finishes, comfortables knits and beautiful knitting stitches. With everything full of softness, so you can really enjoy this special time in your life.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Cécile and her team, they know the collection inside out and will help you in your search for the perfect piece of clothing: 09 81 84 71 70 or [email protected].

Happy treasure hunting!


Let’s zoom in on 10 pieces for mothers-to-be that we particularly liked this autumn and which will accompany you throughout your pregnancy and the weeks after giving birth.

  1. 1. little chic dress

A sure piece of value, with its beautiful material, polished cut and elegant details. We never tire of its timeless empire cut and Peter Pan collar.

Robe de grossesse habillée col claudine bleu marine (1)

Robe Eclipse de la marque Paula Janz

  1. 1. Slim jeans

The simplest of all jeans. A low waist that does not cut into your stomach, a stretchy material for unparalleled comfort and a pretty finish with frayed ankles.

Jegging de grossesse noir JP0043 (6)

Jegging noir de la marque Pietro Brunelli

  1. 3. Cuddly jumper

A fluffy knit with beautiful knitting stitches for a warm winter.

Pull de grossesse en maille épaisse toute douce gris clair (3)

Pull Monte Rosa de la marque Pietro Brunelli

  1. 4. 2 in 1 top

We love its polished cut, exclusive print and ultra discrete access to the breasts, to make a pretty and very elegant blouse.

Haut de grossesse et d'allaitement habillé imprimé oiseaux Adilia (7)

Blouse Adilia de la marque Pomkin

  1. 5. Overalls

Vital. vital. vital. vital. vital. vital. 🙂

A must-have piece of clothing for mamas-to-be, which surpasses all other outlines.

Salopette de grossesse en jean coupe slim Elly (1)

Salopette Elly de la marque Mamalicious

  1. 6. Bra

To be worn day and night and without underwiring for perfect support and comfort.


Soutien-gorge noir grossesse et allaitement de la marque Boob Design

  1. 7. Little black dress

As usual it has its little effect. In a chic lace version, it will be there for your days at work, and become a beautiful evening dress with some well-placed accessories.

 Robe de grossesse et d'allaitement habillée en dentelle noire (4)

Robe en dentelle noire de la marque Milker

  1. 8. Casual dress

The low-waist dress that so prettily accentuates your figure! We love its beautiful white herringbone fabric, both discrete and elegant.

 Robe de grossesse taille basse élastiquée blanche (5)

Robe casual de la marque Fragile

  1. 9. Dressy blouse

Mao collar, ruffle finishes, boyish stripes, flattering cut, in short, an essential.

Chemise de grossesse habillée avec volants à rayures bleues et blanches (2)

Chemise à volants de la marque Slacks & Co

  1. 10. Stroke of the magic wand

The pregnancy Saviour Kit is a true first aid kit for a pregnant woman.

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. 🙂

Pregnancy Saviours Kit (3)

Kit de secours pour femme enceinte de la marque Mama Mio

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