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Baby bottle, check! Change of clothes, check! Comforter, check! Teddy bear, check! The window for your beauty routine is now or never… There’s no time to lose, so get to it quickly before the little one calls you to order! #waaaah

We’ll never say it enough, there is no such thing as a good complexion without clean skin. However little time you have alone in your bathroom, never forget to cleanse, in the evening to remove makeup and impurities, and in the morning to wash your face.

Swap your usual creams, powders and foundations for one single magical product: BB cream! Originally popular in Asia, this cream has won over European women with its easy application and versatility: it hydrates, regulates, clears, illuminates and protects the complexion. This 5-in-1 product is ideal for busy mums!

Wipe off that red lipstick! Save it for romantic, childless evenings out, not for accidentally rubbing off on your baby during the day…

A facemask? You’d never even consider it. Yet there are so many moments during the day when you could let it sit there and work its magic… during breakfast, naptime, bath time, bedtime stories… Invent a masked character to make your children giggle: “Watch out, I’m putting my mask on!”

On the other hand, you will have to wave goodbye to long bubble baths… Which is no bad thing when there are loads of pluses to showering! Swift and bracing, showers will wake up your sleepy skin. You can use your conditioner for a quick face and body exfoliation (be afraid, dead cells!). And just before you get out, blast cold water on your face to tighten your pores and on your body to firm it up.

Have you ever thought about having a mani-pedi at home? You’ll be able to make an appointment for whatever time suits you, even late into the evening. Pssst… while we’re on the subject of beauty treatments at home, why not get a hairdresser in for the whole family!

For hair and beauty chez vous, check out Simone.

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