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We first met Margaritha through her adorable Instagram account, @mamamargaritha. She is a photographer from the Netherlands and at just 25 years old, she is mum to three boys under three. Today she has agreed to tell us her story and give us her advice for other young mums!

Three kids in one year: five survival tips

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“Hi, my name is Margaritha and I had three kids in one year.” This is my favourite sentence – it shocks people every time! Luckily it means that I always have a story to tell. I’m a bit shy when I meet new people, so it’s a good ice-breaker!

Three years ago, I gave birth to Jack. He was not an easy baby but after three months his reflux finally left the building and he only needed one feed a night, so things got a lot easier. A second baby? No way, I thought. I would go crazy.

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When Jack was four months old, I found out I was pregnant. Instead of freaking out, I felt nothing. And in just two days, that nothing grew into a whole lot of happiness and enthusiasm for this second little miracle in my belly. I made an appointment with the obstetrician – time for an ultrasound to check if all was well. I was about eight weeks pregnant at this point. The lovely nurse turned on the ultrasound and put it on my tummy. I watched the screen and saw two or three little pieces shaped like beans. I thought parts were missing! I really thought that. Then the lady said, “Do you guys see what I see?”, and in a split second I knew. There weren’t any parts missing. We had just hit the jackpot in terms of having children. A nervous feeling came over me and I couldn’t stop laughing.

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The twins were born at 36 weeks, two weeks after Jack’s first birthday. Two boys: George and James. Life began as a family of five in a new, bigger house, and somehow, I survived! Some parts I didn’t enjoy and some parts were the best of my life…

I definitely prefer working hard over letting it all go. A clean house with laundry folded neatly in the closets makes me so happy that I’d even give up a bit of sleep for it. A clean house lets me enjoy life more.

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If you can get help, do! Don’t be afraid to ask your family and friends, even if you feel guilty about it. Even if all you need is someone to listen to your story about the horrible night you just had. If I hadn’t had my parents, my sister, my parents-in-law and the rest of the family, I don’t know what I would have done. I was still recovering from a burn out I guess.

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Buy something nice for yourself now and then. Go out once in a while. Get your nails done. Eat some chocolate. Go to the hairdresser. Read a magazine for 20 minutes. And put your phone down!

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We had three of the worst sleepers in the world. They just turned 3 and 2 and things have got slightly better… But over the last three years I think we probably got a solid average of five hours a night, not straight. So I tried to get my energy from other things. It works weirdly sometimes – if you do something fun, you can get energy from that too. I still feel tired everyday but now I can control it and not let it rule my life. I want to live life to the full and not obsess over sleeping.

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Being a team is probably the most important part of this whole survival kit. You need each other. Don’t fight about who is having the hardest time. Give each other attention. Try to get out together every so often. Don’t go to sleep at the same time as the kids. It’s the small things that count, like making cups of tea for each other.


I must say that now we’ve got through the hardest part (please don’t mention puberty yet!), we have a great time with the boys. They play (and fight), they talk in bed when it is far past bedtime, they watch big brother J on the loo. It’s so much FUN!


  1. Mathiilde
    20th October 2017, 8:48

    Eh bien quelle histoire 🙂 mais quelle jolie histoire à lire !!

  2. Camilla
    20th October 2017, 10:38

    Ca doit être sportif mais lorsque l’on voit la photo où les jumeaux se tiennent la main, ca donne envie ! Ils sont adorables tous les 3 <3

  3. Marion
    20th October 2017, 10:40

    Je respecte cette jeune maman. Ses garçons son si mignon en plus

  4. Doriane
    20th October 2017, 11:48

    Etre maman nous rend tellement forte, c’est dingue ça me fascinera toujours!! La phrase “les plus dures mais aussi les plus belles années de ma vie” a particulièrement raisonné en moi, c’est exactement ça ^^

  5. Illiet francoise
    20th October 2017, 22:03

    Quel bonheur de vous suivre chaque jour vous et votre belle famille. J aimerais tellement être près de chez vous pour les rencontrer tous les trois mais aussi vous et vos parents qui sont des grands parents super.si vous pouviez juste mettre les prénoms qq fois des enfants carbj’ai Beaucoup de mal à différencier Georges de James . Au fait je suis une maman de deux grands enfants mais pas encore gros mère. Ma fille de 25 ans suis aussi tous les jours votre vie de famille . Elle rêve d avoir des jumeaux et moi aussi en temps que grand mère. Si un jour vous venez en France. nous serions heureux de vous rencontrer. Nous vivons à la frontière suisse à côté de Geneve mais en France . Continuez à être heureux tous les 5 vous êtes une belle famille et de beaux et jeunes parents comme vous méritent d être heureux . Gros bisous aux enfants et salutations à leurs grands parents . A bientôt Francoise et Fanny

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