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After our winter version, here are all the advantages (and a few disadantages, let’s be honest) of giving birth in the summer.

Your baby was protected over the long, cold winter. Spring bore witness to the first sleepless nights. But summer’s arrived, with its tropical, honeyed atmosphere, and your baby is on its way.

Maternity leave AND holidays for two.

One of the advantages of coming to the end of your pregnancy in the months of June, July and August is that it’s possible to double up your holidays with maternity leave. This is a welcome break. Especially as your man can be on holiday too – the arrival of a new baby is work for two, night and day. It’s a real relay. And it’s easier to relax in a summery atmosphere. Meetings are little more than a vague memory, and work pressure is less acute.

After all, isn’t a siesta better on a chaise longue beside a swimming pool, or on a sunbed under an oak tree? These are special moments within a slowed down way of life.

You can get dressed in 30 seconds tops.

No need to add layer upon layer of clothes. A light dress, bare feet or ballerina pumps, and you’re good to go!

The same goes for your newborn, a simple babygrow will suffice. This should be reassuring for the not-yet expert hands of a young mum.

To avoid the potential ordeal of a swimming costume, know that bathing is not recommended for new mums! A good excuse to wrap yourself up in a sarong or drape yourself in long, floaty dresses. They will be your greatest allies.

Nothing but water!

In the run up to giving birth, water is your best friend. Swimming is good for your blood circulation, and some strokes allow you to do gentle exercise and forget how heavy your bump is!

Au revoir to those extra kilograms.

Watermelon sweetened in the sunshine, salad of every kind, grilled fish… Summer menus let you kick off the descent of those kilos on the scales, or indeed just maintain a healthy balance.

Little reminder: we’re meant to gain an average of 12 to 13 kilos per pregnancy, and it will require weeks if not months to lose them. Don’t panic!

Hello good looking, bye bye baby blues.

It’s gorgeous and hot. It’s a proven fact – we don’t need studies to know it -sunshine is good for morale. Summer is the best remedy for baby blues.

The nights are shorter.

It’s less tiresome to get up at 6am for a bottle or a breast feed when the sun is already up in the sky… In the evenings, those anti-crying walks, taken in the hope of sending your newborn to sleep, are all the more pleasant at the seaside, on a pretty pathway, with the pace set by a light breeze!

Get to the three-month stage without worrying about microbes.

In the summer, we live outdoors. This way of life in the open air drives away microbes. A good few weeks without thinking about bronchitis, laryngitis, gastroenteritis or any of their friends…

But to console those who’ll be giving birth this winter, here are all the little downsides of a summertime birth.

Heat is difficult for the body: varicose veins, water retention, heavy legs… Ok, ok! I’ll stop there.

Shaving when you can no longer see your feet – I’ll leave you to imagine the contortionism that goes on in front of the mirror…

Finally, watch out for your pregnancy mask and those panda eyes!

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  1. Dorothee
    15th July 2017, 17:43

    Apres un premier bébé “d’hiver”, je viens d’avoir un bébé “d’été”. Je suis pour l’instant d’accord avec les plus! Pour les moins, il n’est pas rien de mentionner le port de bas de contention, important pour éviter phlébite et autres varices, et qui, malgré les progrès (doigts de pied à l’air youhou et variété de couleurs!) reste très très désagréable par 35 degrés à l’ombre. Et pour un autre moins : on s’habille certes en 30 sec chrono mais plus difficile de camoufler ce ventre post grossesse qui n’a pas encore disparu… 😉 et enfin, bébé en couche H24 super mais la peur des microbes est remplacée par la peur des moustiques ! A part ça, que du bonheur évidemment !

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