For a few years now, we present you the pretty collections of the Berlin brand Paula Janz, that dresses up mums-to-be each season with perfect fitted dresses, high-quality fabrics, and meticulous finish. It all starts with the cut: an empire waist that define the silhouette and a rounded shape in the back. We have also been seduced by the responsible approach of the brand, which chose to produce only in Europe.

Discover our interview with the brand designer.

interview Paula Janz by emoi emoi

Hello Paula, would you tell us about yourself?

After my studies at Berlin HTW school, I decided to create my own brand for mums-to-be. I have two children: two boys of 2 and 10 years old. We live in the heart of Berlin near Alexanderplatz in Berlin Mitte. In this area I have my atelier and the boutique as well. My week is very well organized as I love spending time with my children in the afternoon. My husband helps me a lot to manage this. At the weekeend we venture something all together: we meet our friends and go brunching with them, we go for a walk at a lake near Berlin, we go to the great skate park or we just stay sometimes at home especially in winter to enjoy family time with baking and watching films. Berlin is a mega city for me to discover things together with children and combine it with my work.

Where do you find your inspirations to design these pretty collections?

I am following new trends in fashion, design, art, architecture. I do love french style, France and its beauty and culture at all. It inspires me and brings new wind in our collections. But also music and travelling – new impressions are a big part of my inspiration.

Robe-de-grossesse-habillée-à-col-claudine-à-imprimé-bleu-(1)Dress Vintage sur émoi émoi

How did you design the W17 collection?

For this collection me and my team were inspired of a vintage style – forms, colors, prints and fabrics either of the style of Jane Birkin and atmosphere of the french films with Anna Karina. We developed some funny prints as sausage dogs and foxes as well flower prints and used small details like school girl collar, high waist or patterned fabrics in bluish, greenish and brownish shades to emphasise the vintage look.

Robe-de-grossesse-imprimé-ethnique-écru-Monaco-(7)Robe Monaco sur émoi émoi

Could you talk about the shapes of your dresses?

First I think about a woman: now she is pregnant and has some new shapes, so I want to give her the opportunity to stay feminine and feel comfortable. That‘s why many of the cuts have a waist and keeps the slim silhouette. This also counts for the nursing cuts: here we are developing new solutions for nursing and integrate them in our favorite designs.

Robe-de-grossesse-habillée-carbone-irisée-(13)Robe Silver Ice sur émoi émoi

How do you choose the fabrics?

It depends on the inspiration and the trends, as well the fabrics should be soft and have a good quality. Me and my team go every season to the fabric fairs either to Paris to Premiere Vision or to Munich Fabric Start in Munich. We let us inspire of new prints, srtuctures, weavings and additions from new fabric companies or our favorite ones from Greece, Austria, the Netherlands and France which we are used to work with for many seasons.

How do you work with your factories?

We have a very good relation with our two factories in Latvia. One of them is in Riga and they still speak my native language Russian. The other one is more in the west of Latvia and we communicate in English. With both factories, I have a very good feeling and fully trust them in their professional decisions and quality for the production of our clothes and can rely on them.


How do you work with your team?

My team counts 4 people at the moment in our atelier in the center of Berlin. It is me, my lovely collegue Svetlana and two girls, Marlene and Emi, making their internship, as well the freelance pattern maker Beate and Alona‘s photographer team.

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