The title says it all really: prepare for the mothers revolt.

Today we’ve decided to tell you about a brand new community that we’ve really taken to: started by 21 bloggers who are mothers, but women above all.  Using the hashtag #Onnestpasquedesmamans (we’re more than just mothers), these brilliant women have given themselves the goal of showing the world that you can be a mum and a fashion icon at the same time.  In their terms: you can spend ‘as much time on ASOS as on Smallable (an online children’s store)’.


Source : Et Dieu Créa

The concept is simple: our 21 bloggers have set themselves the challenge of publishing a monthly look that proves that the transition to mother status doesn’t have to alter your style at all.  And they’ve got off to a great start – the excellent team launched the theme of ‘The Improbable Piece’.  There will be something for every taste, we assure you!


Source : J’aurais Pu M’Appeler Marcel

Furs, fluorescent accessories, high heels and sequin leggings: here are some examples of the looks that you’ll find.

Follow these mothers and their unique styles on the Facebook and Instagram pages.  And please don’t hesitate to publish a photo of your outfit with the #onnestpasquedesmamans to help the movement!

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