Cécile, 37, ‘Maman Cool’ of 5 year old Charles

Cécile, 37, ‘Maman Cool’ of 5 year old Charles

11 February 2015

Cécile lives in Paris.  She grew up near to Lyon, in the countryside.  She is the youngest in a family of five sisters.

What did your parents pass down to you that you’d like to teach to your children? “A good work ethic – then how to be resourceful, responsible and independent.  It’s a certain freedom that I’ve had since childhood”.

Fittingly, when she was little Cécile wanted to become a detective or secret agent – she was inspired by the Nancy Drew books.

Today, our ‘Maman Cool’ is a company manager.  She has launched a concept store for children called ‘Smallable’.

In this Wondermum’s wardrobe you can find “my little Patricia Marochet boots, leather Laurence Doligé trousers (that I love) and bags and shoes…heels as well.  I’m a real bag and shoes girl!”

What is beauty to you?  “Beauty is natural.  It’s a woman that’s not too sophisticated, who smiles and is expressive.  Beauty comes from the inside”.

Her favourite spots are in the Marais: Frenchtrotters and Merci.

On her iPhone she listens to Lily Wood and the pricks, Christine and the Queens or even Lana Del Rey.

What does an average day look like for you? “Like all active and entrepreneurial mothers, I work a lot.  And I want to spend time with my son.  I have one rule: to try and put 100% into work or 100% into spending time with my son depending on where I am”.

What kind of mum are you?  “Pretty cool because I’m not so much of a ‘Maman Poule*’.  I try to let my son be free and independent.  I try to give him the free space that is quite important in making him confident and responsible”.

Family holidays for Cécile are with friends: “We rent a big house with a few other couples and loads of children – generally next to the Mediterranean”.  .

She loves to read stories to her son and even make them up.  “‘Where the Wild Things Are’ is pretty – the graphics and the story are great.  At the moment he loves Tintin”.

Your son is called Charles, why this name? “We wanted a timeless name, quite classic that wouldn’t go out of fashion”.

What’s your guilty pleasure? “Sunday afternoon, when it rains, I get into bed and watch E.T. after having made madeleines”.

Cécile has tried to mix up the styles in Charles’ bedroom.  “The walls are grey and there’s a rather Scandinavian spirit.  There are a few touches of colour with the toys”.

Amongst the blogs that inspire her are ‘Little Years’ and Le dans La’.

Do you have any dreams for the future?  “To launch a ‘Smallable’ in the USA – in California!  I really want to do that.  I love to work, I love what I’m doing, but I want to have good weather all the time!  I also want my son to be immersed in another world other than France.  I’ve travelled and I want him to discover new things as well”.



Embroidered women sweatshirts: Maman Poule, Maman Cool and La vie est belle en famille, 80€, designed in Paris and made in Portugal, available in burgundy and navy, sizes UK 6 – UK16  and  US 2– US 12, exclusive to émoi émoi.

*’Poule’ is French slang for ‘Mother Hen’.  So a ‘Maman Poule’ is the doting Mum that will cut the edges of your sandwiches, bundle you up in a ton of layers and smother you in kisses – whilst a ‘Maman Cool’ is the easygoing Mum that always looks great, let’s you have all your friends over and won’t force feed you your greens!

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