Charlie, Christine et Eric pour émoi émoi (1)

The day of Charlie Rose’s birth, I realized for the first time in my life that I had aged. This was a huge blow to morale! Whenever I think about it I just have a glass of Bordeaux and feel much better!”
Éric is a retired grandfather. He collects old cars. “I have always loved cars. I think I could say “car” before “mama and papa”.
To the question: which person inspires you, he answers: “I am not a fan of anyone, I like people but I don’t have a living God, I have never been in awe of Johnny Hallyday or General de Gaulle!”
When he has spare time Éric travels, visiting the Parisian exhibitions in winter and golf courses in summer.
His addiction? “Dark chocolate. But I take it easy! It’s full of sugar and at a certain age one has to be careful!”

Éric is a doting grandfather. “I love to spoil! I would never have imagined being otherwise. I was talking about this with a friend who became a grandfather at the same time as me. He told me that the grandmothers had more contact with the baby in the first few months. The grandfather rather stays in the background. But then something happens and this little child becomes a wonder. I almost miss the days when I don’t see her!”

Éric is a grandfather surrounded by girls; I asked him what he thought about this. “Well, really I love it! I was very macho when my first daughter was born. I was convinced that my wife was expecting a boy. I had not even considered a girl’s name!
Unfortunately I was not present for the birth. When it was announced to me, and I was told that I had a girl, I thought it was some kind of joke! After we had a second daughter I was delighted!
Around me my friends were playing football with their sons, were wrestling…
I love the girls.
I especially hope to love the others as much as I love Charlie Rose.”

Charlie, Christine et Eric pour émoi émoi (3)

Our doting grandfather describes his little girl. “Charlie Rose is charming, smiling, lovely and she knows what she wants!
She loves being in my arms. It was almost embarrassing. Sometimes she would rather be held in my arms than those of her own dad or other people. My wife asked me to ignore it so that she could spend time with her!
We spent three holiday weeks together between December and January. So my wife and I were very busy with Charlie. We were staying in a big house, there was a dog; we took her on walks and to see the chickens. We were always moving and maybe that’s what she likes! I carry her; I take her for a stroll and show her things.
It’s a joy on both sides.”

Éric is “Papou” to Charlie Rose. I tried to find out who chose the name for grandfather. “In my generation, grandparents were called Pépé and Mémé, which shocked no one. Then there was Papy and Mamie. We are part of the generation where no grandparent wants to be called this. The name is nice enough, but you get the sense that your children want something else. All our friends are called by different names. We are called Papou and Mamou. But I don’t count on this name! If Charlie called me Papy I would not mind!”

Charlie, Christine et Eric pour émoi émoi (5)

Does he have the right to an opinion on her name? “No! If Anaïs had chosen an odd name, such as one that makes you laugh or the name of a car, maybe I would have said something. But I love the name Charlie! Anaïs was scared that I would not like it. But it’s very pretty.”

Éric is a new grandfather. “We are new grandparents. I had grandparents who seemed very old to me. We didn’t understand why they were there. Today we feel like we have a role to play. We are important. I have seen this with my daughters who were lucky enough to know their grandmothers and grandfathers – they were part of their lives.”

His grandfather’s pride? “It’s a bit early, she is still small. But to see it blossoming is beautiful, as long as it lasts.”

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