Jeanne describes herself as quite a cool mum, or a mixture of tradition and disorganisation at a push!
“My children are completely different from each other. Roméo is a dreamer, completely sweet. Louise is more of a tiger!”
Does she have a little routine at home? “Every morning I drink my Ricoré, whatever happens. The idea of a juice breakfast on an empty stomach is too cliché!
Her wardrobe is made up of basics: Converses, mom jeans, white t-shirts and stripy jumpers.
Her favourite dish? “I’m very traditional in the kitchen, I love meat casseroles! I don’t cook that much because my husband is much better at it than me. He’s Lebanese and he cooks amazingly well. I just have to follow him around tidying up!”
Her motto: “I often think about this phrase: when you lose something you don’t have to lose what you’ve learnt. Failures are a fact of life but you have to know how to bounce back and learn from your mistakes. It’s really important for me to stay positive.”

Jeanne is Roméo and Louise’s mum. She explains her choice of baby names: “We wanted sweet and poetic names. Roméo and Louise are the two names we both adore.”

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