Miss Sophie, 33 years old, mum to Joséphine 5 years old and James 13 months

Miss Sophie, 33 years old, mum to Joséphine 5 years old and James 13 months

15 October 2015

Sophie lives in Paris, in Saint-Germain-des-Près, she is the talented founder of Breaking the wool

It is all about Family! 

“My parents always taught me the idea that family comes first. It is very important for me. No matter what is happening in life, parents and, brothers and sisters are the most important.
Sophie is the young mother of Joséphine and James.
Why this choice of names?
“For Joséphine I did not know if I was expecting a boy or a girl. It was Joséphine or Martin James. But very good friends named their son Martin, so we kept James. For my second pregnancy, when we knew I was expecting a boy, the name James was obvious.”

Tell us about our children.
“Joséphine is curious, lively and joyful. She is very sensitive. A real sponge. James is a little Buddha. He is the peaceful strength. He observes. He is always happy.
A girl followed by a boy, do we raise them the same way?
“For me, it was about a first child and then a second one. The first one is more sheltered, we were more protective. Joséphine is a real girl! She loves princesses, and everything that glitters!
She tries my shoes, she looks at me when I am doing my make-up. She draws hearts everywhere ! We have a mother-daughter complicity but she is only five years old.
By contrast, James only thinks about eating. He is still too young.
They are different because Josephine is the older sister and James the second child. For the first children, you do everything, the second one follows. “
Sophie is a maman poule* and cool. « I am very protective with my kids and in the same time I think I am cool, but more about their look.
I am not very conservative with the exception of today because I am wearing a little collar.Famille Thimonnier- émoi émoi- Choix 1 (6)

Years abroad.

“My dad used to travel a lot for his work. We followed him in Africa. We have spent three years in Nigeria. After that, we moved a lot in France. I went to the US for a year abroad on my own straight after my Baccalaureate. I have spent ten years there, between New York, where I met my husband, and San Francisco, where Joséphine is born. My husband and I came back to France three years ago. It is a rewarding experience that is not over yet because we have decided to go back to New York very soon!
I love the free spirit there, everything is possible, it is my modjo!
It is nice to have your chance. To know that you are not stuck in one box, especially in our artistic jobs where you earn your success through your creativity. However, if it does not work, you are fired overnight. But at least, you had your chance!”Famille Thimonnier- émoi émoi- Choix 1 (4)

Breaking the wool.

When she was a little girl, Sophie wanted to become a forensic doctor. “My parents were very worried! I have always been passionate about thrillers. I was attracted by the explanation of the “why” someone is dead. Understand the murder and its psychology!” Today, our maman poule succeeds in reading thrillers while she is knitting!
Knitting is a passion since my childhood. I learnt it with my grand-mother. I have always knitted expect when I was a teenager, I found it too useless! It came back later. I always had a knitting next to me.
How did it become my job? I was Communication director for Biche de Bère in New York. I worked seven days a week, 24 hours per days. I got tired. I said to myself that I will never work for someone again.
I wanted to create my company. Knitting seemed obvious.
Sophie shares her passion with Joséphine since this summer.
“She has always been interested and sensitive to materials and colors. She has made her first meshes few month ago on her request.
I always told myself that I will never force her, or even invite her to try unless she wants to.
I want it to be a personal choice, a request that comes from her. I do not want to push her to do like her mum, but I was very proud of her two meshes!”

What can I wish you for the future?  “Health, happiness and success!”

*‘Poule’ is French slang for ‘Mother Hen’.  So a ‘Maman Poule’ is the doting Mum that will cut the edges of your sandwiches, bundle you up in a tonne of layers and smother you in kisses – while a ‘Maman Cool’ is the easygoing Mum that always looks great, let’s you have all your friends over and won’t force feed you your greens!

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