Pierre, 42 years old, papa poule de Charles 5 years old

Pierre, 42 years old, papa poule de Charles 5 years old

27 February 2015

Pierre lives in Paris with Cécile, who founded the site Smallable, who is also the Maman Cool of his son Charles.

“I’m around a lot of the time.  As we both work, I’m not bad at looking after my son.  I try to be kind and strict at the same time”.

Pierre would call himself a Papa Poule.  As a child, he was a dreamer and was attracted by everything creative – for example, drawing.  However he saw himself as a vet.

What subject did you hate at school? “Biology”.

Becoming a father for him wasn’t an obvious choice, “That’s for sure!  It was a surprise, but something I wanted. But there’s a whole world of difference between wanting it and it actually happening”. Becoming a father has changed him.  ‘It’s a little tiring, but you are more responsible.  You reach a new level of responsibility which is different to anything you’ve known before”.

Paternity leave doesn’t interest him: he and his wife have always worked a lot.

Pierre, can you describe seeing your wife give birth in one word?  “Astonishing!”

If he has a motto in life, it’s this: “In work, one must always be ahead, but not too much!”

The last book you read? “Le Royaume”

The last film you saw? “Grand Budapest Hotel”

Your favourite spot at the moment: “My neighbourhood, it’s around the 11th – 3rd arrondissement in Paris, where I live.  I really like the bookshop on rue de Bretagne ‘Comme un Roman’”.

Pierre can’t do without the two games ‘Lego’ and ‘Star Wars’ on his iPhone.  “It’s for my son.  When I’m going grocery shopping and he has to wait or be patient, I give him my phone!”

If you were a superhero for your son, who would you be? “Spiderman”.

I asked our Papa Poule what is his favourite piece of decoration in his sons’ bedroom: “I like the wooden rocking sheep by Danish Crafts.  It’s hand made by a Danish designer”.

What does Charles’ room look like? “You can find an American table and a bit of Scandinavian furniture.  Every time we try to make something pretty, it’s quickly destroyed!  It’s a child’s room so it’s always messy.  There’s Playmobil and Lego everywhere!”

Do you have a favourite designer? “For furniture, the brand Oeuf is great at making really cool stuff in a domain where there isn’t a lot of choice.  Parents love it and at the same time it’s super for children”.

What are Pierre’s hopes for the future? That everything continues the way it is…

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