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Since when do we specify in our title whether our interviewees are left-handed or right-handed? Well, this is a subtle nod to the expression “main sauvage” that used to indicate the left hand. However nowadays these words signify to us the mums THE soft toy brand for children! But now you have to tell me: since when do parents choose their children’s cuddly toys for them?

Well since we have met Cécile and Julien. Recently moved to Lyon, they grew up in le Loiret and the North respectively. When they met at a school of architecture Cécile was already having fun creating adorable cuddly toys, which caught Julien’s eye. Freshly graduated, they abandoned the idea of redoing their homes and choose to create a brand of soft toys made from 100% baby alpaca wool. This wool is a natural fibre, both ecological and sustainable, and perfect toy for your child as soon as it is born.

Hand in hand the high-powered duo set about creating their poetic characters with the firm intention of being an ethical brand. This desire led them to Bolivia! Over there they found a “fair” workshop using ancestral skills to create stuffed animals that are all embroidered and knitted by hand. Why in Bolivia? “The craftspeople we work with are specialists in alpaca wool: they are very diligent and give their attention to the smallest details to ensure the products are unquestionably perfect.” Also, when some products have small aesthetic defects instead of throwing them away Main Sauvage donates them to the charity Secours Populaire Français.

How do you divide the workload? “We love the concept of each person doing what the other dislikes doing!” Any advice to give young entrepreneurs? “Be complementary and share the same values.” These two adult children draw their inspiration from their daily walks, childhood memories without using a tablet, human encounters… all of which lends the soft toys a very endearing quality. Some of them have been dressed in émoi émoi clothes in limited editions as part of our collaboration.

Main Sauvage has just passed its second year anniversary and at the moment requires full-time commitment from Cécile and Julien! When they take time off they wander through their city Lyon that is so dear to them. If you have any places in Lyon  you can recommend to them they are ready listeners…

PS: Yes, I admit it, I chose my 2 daughters’ cuddly toy for them… and they love it!

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