Thomas, 31, Papa Cool of 2 year old Loula

Thomas, 31, Papa Cool of 2 year old Loula

7 February 2015

“I’m a comedian.  I’ve been a model for 10 years.  I work in a restaurant, I have an events company and I work for a production company as well!”

And with all of this going on, are you a good Dad? “Yes!  I found the time to make a child, now I find a little bit of time to see her…”

Thomas has a little two year old girl, Loula.  Why this name? Our ‘Papa Cool’ told me that there wasn’t any particular reason.  He was looking for a rare name.  He stopped looking when he found Lilou.  Finally he decided that that was already too well known and so he steered towards Loula.

What kind of Dad are you?  “Strict because I don’t want to let her get away with too much.  Nowadays (she’s in the terrible twos) she’s testing me.  If I let her get away with too much, then for the rest of her life we’ll be in a mess!  I’m pretty cool but I would like to give her a good education”.

So you’re a ‘Papa Cool’?  “I don’t think I’m a ‘Papa Poule*’ even though I’m very protective.  I think I’m more of a cool dad.  We do silly things together.  For example her mum doesn’t want her to eat sweets, and so we’re going to buy them together!”

When he was a little boy, Thomas was hyperactive and boisterous.  Today, through his work he’s realised his childhood dream.  “It was when watching ‘Shinning’ that I said to myself, that’s it, I really want to be a comedian”. Becoming a father for Thomas was an easy decision.

What are the fundamental values that you want to give to Loula?  “Respect.  Because we live in a world where no one has respect for anyone.  Whether it’s a child with their parents, an employee with their boss…Respect is one of the values that we’ve lost the most”.

Our Papa Cool thinks that being a father has changed him.  “I’ve become more mature.  Finally I hope!”

Paternity leave doesn’t work for him at all.  As for the birth, he found that hard.  “I nearly lost my wife and my daughter.  It’s not a good memory”.

Thomas, do you have a motto in life?  “If you have cold feet, you’re cold throughout.  The feet are the base of everything!  I don’t have a motto.  I just let myself live”.

And in his life, cooking is of great importance, “it’s a real passion, on the other hand, I hate making desserts!”

Is there an app that you couldn’t live without?  “Instagram.  I’ve become addicted.  And I love translating.  I will spend hours translating one word into every language.  On the other hand after two hours I can’t remember anything!  It’s just for fun”.

To his little girl, if he was a super hero, Thomas would be super dad!

Before he left, I asked him to ask himself a question:

“Do I still love my wife? Yes!”


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*’Poule’ is French slang for ‘Mother Hen’.  So a ‘Papa Poule’ is the doting Dad that will help you with your homework, drive you to school and read stories to you when you’re ill – whilst a ‘Papa Cool’ is the easygoing Dad that always looks cool, let’s you have all your friends over and won’t force feed you your greens!

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