Names of the week #108

8 September 2017

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Lacking baby name ideas with your due date fast approaching? Don’t worry! Each week, we put together a small selection of baby names: classic, retro, sophisticated, imaginative, timeless… there’s one for every taste.  We’ve been inspired by our friends, our ‘it moms’, our families and especially by you: here is your exclusive list!

Literary baby names.

Julien: Stendhal’s The Red and the Black first popularised this name in the nineteenth century, with its hero Julien Sorel. Gustave Flaubert was also inspired by religious history to write The Legend of Saint Julien the Hospitalier, and this handsome name has been a firm favourite ever since.

Bérénice: First put under the spotlight by Racine’s eponymous tragedy, the contemporary actor Bérénice Béjot made this name stand out once again when she won a 2012 César Award for her leading role in The Artist.

Short baby names.

Léo: Young parents who prefer short names will fall in love with Léo. First appearing in France relatively recently, Léo had become the number one baby name for boys by 2015.

Pia: More commonly found in the Basque Country, Pia is the perfect name for an energetic, thoughtful and dynamic little girl.

Sophisticated baby names.

Otton: This name has its origins in Germanic countries and is almost completely unknown in France. Ottons are celebrated on the 2 July!

Aelle: A poetic variation on the Breton name Aéla, Aelle means angel. This sweet baby name has steadily become more popular in France since the early 2000s.

Baby names from around the world.

Adame: This beautiful alternative to the traditional name Adam comes from the Middle East. Melodic and original, Adame has begun to win over a growing number of young parents.

Tabatha: From the Aramaean word “tabî”, this name means gazelle. Tabatha is independent and loving as well as a little wild, just like the etymology of her name suggests.

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  1. lafuma
    8th September 2017, 11:50

    le prénom Sixtine, de plus en plus a la mode, classique et contemporain !

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