Names of the week #121

7 December 2017

Is your little one due to arrive in a few months but you’re lacking inspiration? Don’t worry! Each week, we put together a small selection of names for you: classic, retro, sophisticated, imaginative, timeless… there’s one for every taste.  We’ve been inspired by our friends, our ‘it moms’, our families and especially by you: here is your exclusive list!

Classic names

Antoine: Held by dozens of saints, Antoine is one of the 50 most popular male names in France today: a well-deserved success for a timeless name of the 20th century.

Capucine : A singsong name that evokes the success of the children’s nursery rhyme “Dansons le Capucine” that is still sung in the nursery.

Les prénoms modernes

Célian: Of Celtic origin, this name appeared in the 1970s. We love its soft tones.            

Mia: Simple, gentle and original, this name was given for the first time in France in the 1970s. More popular in the United States and Germany, it was made known by the actress Mia Farrow, who is famous for her role in Roman Polanski’s film Rosmary’s baby. A talented and politically active actress, she lived with Frank Sinatra, André Prévin and Woody Allen.

Les prénoms pointus

Marin: Derived from the Latin “mer” this unusual name has won popularity among young parents in recent years.

Ysia: Appearing in France at the beginning of the 1990s, Ysia remains one of the rarer names in school playgrounds. We love its feminine tones.

Les prénoms venus d’ailleurs 

Harry: This charming British name reminds us of prince Henry of Wales, more commonly known as Prince Harry, a member of the royal family. 

Grace: Made popular by Grace Kelly, the legendary American actress and Princess of Monaco, this charming name inspires sensitivity and delicacy.  

And what are your inspirations of the week?

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  1. Aymeline
    7th December 2017, 13:04

    Maman d’un Antoine et d’une petite Capucine je ne peux que valider ce choix de prénoms

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